Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ballan Spring Rally & Market

Spring heralds the birth of new life and is a welcomed break from the cold winter weather. The coming of the warmer days also signifies the continued dog breeding season when many thousands of puppies will be born in puppy factories. Breeding bitches have an average of two breeding seasons a year unlike their wild ancestors that only breed when food and resources are plentiful.

As much as we love and adore baby animals and love all that spring brings with it, we must stop and give thought to the thousands of breeding bithces and dogs locked away in puppy factories. These parents along with their puppies won't get to enjoy the feel of the spring time grass under their feet or feel the sun on their backs. They will once again spend the entire spring locked away as prisoners in concrete floored wire cages.

This injustice just can't continue. We cannot allow the proposed Ballan puppy factory to open. We will continue our fight. Please join us at the Ballan market to spread the word about puppy factories and the importance of desexing your pets. Make your banners and cards with a spring time theme showing your anger and outrage at puppy factories.

For further information about puppy farms and how to raise awareness, please visit

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