Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Puppies

We spend so much of our lives on the web these days. It can be an efficient way to shop. It can also be an efficient way to RESEARCH. 

Artie is a rescue pug

If you already have your puppy and were unaware of puppy farms and backyard breeders, start making others aware. Gypsy was a pet shop puppy, Poppet a rescue. I have blogged about this on numerous occasions. The more informed I become, the more I need to inform others about ethical breeders and rescue. We all find out about puppy farms at some point - it is what we do with that information that counts. Holding onto it doesn't help those friends, family and associates who may not know and be considering getting a puppy. We need to voice this knowledge so others can be informed and make educated decisions. 

This is Posie. She is available for adoption on Pet Rescue. Her profile link is below.

Please watch the short clip below as some online traders, particularly when it comes to selling puppies, are deceiving. If you intend to buy a puppy this Christmas, make sure you can meet the parents, at their home - otherwise it can be assumed you are supporting this unethical and immoral, cruel trade. Puppy farmers will have glamourous web pages, but the handover of the puppy will take place not at this so called haven they project online, but at a McDonald's carpark or service station, or if they are feeling generous- they will deliver directly to your home. Don't be deceived by smoke and mirrors.

Another excellent resource is the RSPCA's Smart Puppy Guide, available via this link:

If you don't have a breed in mind, please consider adopting a beautiful rescue. Many litters are dumped on rescue's doorsteps or as a result of a puppy farm rescue, a pregnant dog will give birth in rescue and her babies will also need to be homed. Rescue groups care about their dogs and ensure the dog/puppy is a match to your family, depending on the age of your children, the space you have available and your lifestyle. Some breeds require much exercise, others love human companionship. It is important not to just pick a breed based on what they can offer you as a family, but also what you can offer them as a family.

This is Trixie. She is available for adoption on Pet Rescue. Her profile link is below.

Finally, Christmas is a special time with family. It is a lovely time of year to introduce a beautiful new four-legged family member but not spontaneously or without thought. So many puppies are dumped after the novelty has worn off. Dogs are like children. They require discipline, love and routines. They want your attention and care and in return, will give you unconditional love like no other. But they are hard work. They cost far more than the initial adoption or payment. But the added value they are to your life? PRICELESS.


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