Saturday, 24 March 2012

Pug Rescue Parade

The Calabria Club

Having given support towards each and every pug rescued in 2011 from appalling conditions in puppy farms - the Pug Club of Victoria agreed to hold a 'Rescued with Love' parade during the lunch break at the 2012 Championship Show held on this day, March 24 2012.

Rescue pugs who attended may have already been adopted, or are still looking for their forever home.

Each rescue pug received a 'Rescued with Love' special medallion from the Pug Club and their photographs and rescue stories featured in the Show catalogue and within the Show hall.

Thank-you to Pugs SOS, Pug Rescue Victoria and our darling friends at Saffron on the Hill who organised past and present rescue pugs to be present at the parade. It was an important event to be present at, to make breeders and members of the public aware of how many pedigree pugs are ending up in puppy farms and rescue shelters.

Our pedigree rescue pug Poppet was very excited to be awarded her very first medal. 

Be sure to check out 'Keeping her Eye on Melbourne' facebook page for more photos. Gypsy was a very busy photographer and even got in a few happy snaps herself ;)



  1. Gupsy Ju
    I'm so sowwy that I haven't come to visit you fow such a long time
    I'm happy to see that you wewe a busy little photogwaphew fow such a gweat event

    congwatoolations to Poppet fow that lovely nedal
    I'm so glad that these dawling puggles awe getting adoptewed
    smoochie kisses


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