Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Drive-in Pugs!

Winter time.....brrrrrrrr
The idea of sitting outside to eat a meal isn't all that pleasant. Not to mention trying to find friends crazy enough to join us for a meal in the freezing cold! So 'Date Nights' with the dogs needed adaption.

A thought to catch a mid-week movie lead to the usual guilt factor of not wanting to leave the dogs. Pugs are huge companion dogs and while Gypsy and Poppet love each other to bits and have lots of fun together while we are at work, it is us they want to spend time with when the school bell rings. And we love them for that. Anyone reading this will clearly be a dog lover who understands that feeling of wanting to get home for that larger than life greeting your dogs offer you. 

So, the adaption of 'Doggie Date Nights'......After whinging that the movie we wanted to see was a 'Cry Baby' session ie Mums and Bubs and that naturally didn't extend to our furry babies, we then clicked that we too, could go to our own 'Mums and Bubs' session.....THE DRIVE-IN! duh!

Spontaneously grabbing some liver treats, we pick up the girls and fly out the door. Their movie treats sorted, we look forward to the popcorn and choc-tops that await us!

Drive-ins are perfect for dog lovers ~ we all loved hanging out in the car eating our treats and there was no guilt factor for leaving them. For the girls it was like their usual favourite activity at night- snuggling into our laps with the odd 'meerkat' moment where they spring up to check what is going on. Poppet was naturally snoring about 15 minutes into the film, while Gypsy seemed partly engaged in the 'massive TV' and checking out all the cars that slowly appeared around us. It was super, super fun!

Here are the links to the Drive-in Theatres in Melbourne. Enjoy ;-)






  1. I never thought to take my dog Evie to the drive-in but that's an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing. Now, how do I get her to stop crying because she wants to explore after I've parked the car....

  2. Gypsy was definitely curious but the smells of popcorn in the car kept her focus indoors! Poor thing only got liver treats - while we pigged out on popcorn and choc tops! Least she will keep her trim figure over winter! ;)

    We also took them for their nightly run at the cricket oval before we left so they had already had their huge exercise before we got there so they were happy to chill out on our laps.

    Hope you enjoy your film when you choose to go!


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