Saturday, 26 May 2012

Saffron on the Hill

Saffron on the Hill 

We had a lovely time visiting our friends at Saffron on the Hill. Our welcome party included the ever-popular pug try-hard....Liliput!

Last time we saw 'The Put' she was severely obese and dragging her huge self on the deck making very large noises. Karen & her team have done an amazing job with Liliput. Despite giving us all a scare with her recent health problems, we can report that she is looking so happy and healthy in comparison to our last visit. Her personality which conveys well through her digital diary on Saffron's Facebook page is even more charismatic in real life. She is a treasure and truly loves her place on the Hill.

This is one of our favourite happy snaps taken on our visit on the Hill. Armed only with our iphones, we quickly snapped this beautiful shot as Hannah and Liliput were waiting for Karen to come home. A mother's love is unconditional and in return she receives the loyal love and following of these gorgeous rescue dogs. There is only one Liliput, and in Liliput's eyes (and all the rescue dogs on the Hill) ~ there is only one Karen! 

Gypsy loved watching the horse play in the paddock. She must be like her Pop who also loves horses. 

Wasn't the weather intense in Melbourne over the past few days! We were lucky to snuggle up in front of the fireplace. A firm favourite position for all the rescue dogs!

Lily looks like she is resting on a lovely cushion, but it is infact our nobleman Zac in his cute jacket! 

We wondered when Poppet may jump in for the cuddle with her Mum ~ Granny Giggles. After some play time outside in the wet grass, she was happy to retire in a pug pile next to Granny. She enjoyed visiting the Hill and playing with all her pug friends. 

We had a little play outside with Liliput inbetween naps in front of the fireplace :)

Before we sign off,  the pugs would like to remind you that there are two ways you can support the rescue and rehabilitation that happens on the Hill. 
1) Check out Saffron's amazing range of collars, leads and harnesses. Visit their Facebook page and check out the latest ribbon range for these funky, cool dog accessories!

2) Visit Saffron's ebay store and support the rescue dogs by purchasing your dog toys there.

Remember all profits help the amazing work they do! 
Let the dogs be dogs and live free, love and play ;)


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