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Saffron on the Hill Open Day 2012

March 17, 2012
$10 Entry includes afternoon tea

Saffron on the Hill is near and dear to our hearts. As we educated ourselves about puppy farming and the horrible conditions many poor darling dogs had to endure for backyard breeding, we came to meet many amazing rescue organisations, shelters and foster circles in Victoria. Saffron on the Hill was where we found, and adopted, our beautiful 4 year old mama-no-more Poppet.

On March 17, 2012 Karen and her friends on the Hill will host a wonderful Open Day. We encourage any dog lovers who are passionate about making a difference in spreading the word, particularly to those who are considering introducing a dog into their lives. The more people who understand how many rescue folk are out there working hard to save lives, the more we can encourage potential pet owners to assist these folk by looking at adopting a rescue/ shelter dog or buying from a registered breeder instead of a pet shop pet. Please visit Poppet's Page for some links to useful sites on closing down puppy farms. 

Saffron on the Hill's Open Day will be filled with love and laughter, with the stars of the show their rescue pugs. If you have ever owned this breed, you will understand how unique each and every little personality is. Some believe the closest thing to man is ape. We believe it is pug! lol!

There will be novelty trick shows, a costume competition, face painting for the kids, pet portraits from Erin McNaulty Photography, sausage sizzle and the most gorgeous leads and harnesses amongst other treats from the Saffron shop. 

Make sure you RSVP! or

All photos courtesy of Saffron on Hill ;-)



  1. My husband & I want to order some collars. Do you have a page that have sample swatches? He wants 3 military (Marine Corp)for our 3 pugs... I want 1 paisley for our minpin! Love your Facebook page. Hey I love PUGS!
    Vickie Romine

  2. Hi Victoria!

    We have passed on your email to Saffron on the Hill who make these amazing collars, harnesses and leads. All profits raised from the purchase of these dog accessories 100% support the pugs and pug crosses rescued.

    In the meantime, check out their 2012 ribbon range on their facebook page. If you copy and paste this into your browser, it will take you to their page and you can follow all the gorgeous pugs / pug crosses which your purchases will help support.

    Many thanks for your message ;)

  3. oops! Facebook link for Saffron on the Hill is here:


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