Sunday, 12 February 2012

Yarraville Pop-Up Park ;-)

Ballarat St

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Gypsy & Poppet love Yarraville. It's a quirky little village full of character. Just when you think it couldn't get any more kitschy, the council introduce an initiative inspired by similar set ups in London, New York & San Fran. The POP-UP PARK!

Ballarat Street between Murray and Canterbury Streets in Yarraville has temporarily closed to traffic for 3 months to create a ‘pop-up park’. The park will open from 1 February until late April and traffic will not be allowed into this area. The park will consist of large planters, synthetic turf, tables, chairs and umbrellas to create a stimulating space in the heart of Yarraville Village for people to come together, relax and enjoy village life.

Traders, community groups and locals have the opportunity to participate by using the space to hold events, create art installations and other activities that will contribute to the activation of the park. If you have a great idea of something you would like to do or see in the space, let the council know! (

The project aims to:
Encourage community pride in public spaces
Reduce traffic and noise
Ease pedestrian movement around shops
Create a place for people - not cars
Increase public life in the village

The park will redefine the road as public space giving pedestrians the chance to enjoy the outdoors in the heart of an urban environment that was previously occupied by cars. Locals can drop by for a coffee, read a book, have lunch with friends or enjoy an ice-cream in the sun before a movie starts. In the future the materials could be re-used for the park to ‘pop-up’ again.

For more information visit the council website:

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