Sunday, 5 August 2012

Our $1 conversation.....

If I got $1 everytime I had this conversation with people, then the Rescue Group we support ~ Saffron on the Hill ~ would never have to worry about paying vet bills ever again......

' that a hairy pug?'.........
''What's HE (grrrr) crossed with?'......
'A shihtzu'........
'I've never seen one of 'those' before'......
'Hopefully you won't see many more of them either'......
(pause....strange look at me)
'Because SHE is the product of a puppy farm establishment'
(more weird looks)

My darling scruff nut was meant to be with me, she is my baby girl, but to others she is an awareness campaign. I can never regret buying her, because as a result of creating this blog for her to encourage other dog owners to get out & about with their dogs, I became informed of breeding establishments and make opportunities each and every day to inform others. 

I am an educator, and feel the urge to not sit with my knowledge, but share it. I could waste my energy asking myself why I didn't know before what I know now, or I can accept that everything happens for a reason and use what I now know to make a difference. If I change even just one person's perspective, then I have made some small, positive change.

Following Gypsy, we (my husband and I) spent months researching Rescue Groups and were fortunate enough to adopt Gypsy's darling bigger sister Poppet from Saffron on the Hill. Poppet was 4 years old when we adopted her and had only left a breeding establishment months prior. Most of those 4 years were spent in a cold, dark, soiled cage breeding for profit. 

We have grown in awareness since adopting Poppet, and know that many people will opt for Rescue now, thanks to amazing awareness campaigns and the people driving them. Puppies, whether they be in Rescue or not, will always be the popular choice. I would urge anyone though, to consider how life changing it could be for all involved, to adopt a senior dog. Like Ernie, the beautiful 12 year old in yesterday's post. 

We now understand and believe that adoption is the only ethical option for us as a family. We also support registered breeders though, who care deeply about the future of their breed, and desex their puppies before adopting them out. First and foremost, thanks to social media, we have come to understand just how many dogs are in Rescue. We will always encourage adoption first, as even those expressing a desire for a certain breed will in most cases,≥÷ find them in Rescue as a result of being saved from a breeding establishment, or surrendered as some people, are just not made for the commitment a dog deserves :(

We have spent much time with the seniors on the Hill, ( and now understand how precious even a few happy months is to a senior dog. Seeing Poppet's mother who is 10 enjoy basking in the sun, cuddling up to all her pug family in front of the fire and the look of complete adoration shared between her and her Rescue Mama is nothing short of priceless. 

Granny Giggles

There is something very beautiful about seeing an older dog learn love either again or for the first time. It is an absolute blessing to give this love and an even bigger blessing to receive it.

We hope you will appreciate our honesty and be compassionate to those who are unaware. The important action comes with people who are aware. What do they do with that knowledge?

Don't be silent about the things that matter........



  1. It's been awesome getting to know you, Gypsy and Poppet, thank you for all the amazing work you do educating people. This is a fantastic post!

  2. Good for you, and beautiful post. I have two rescue pugs, and will always rescue because there are so many beautiful dogs who need a new home and too many irresponsible people breeding more puppies and using dogs like my Poppy as breeding machines. Poppy was 4 1/2 when we got her a few months ago, and had never known life outside a cage. She has one eye like your baby. Oscar is 12 and almost completely blind because he had untreated dry eye.

  3. Lovely post, and good for you for supporting adoption. We've got two rescue pugs - Poppy, who has one eye like your baby - who was a breeding bitch in a puppy farm. We've only had her a few months, she's still adjusting to life outside a cage and getting to understand what humans and other dogs are about. And Oscar, who's about 12 now, who's almost completely blind thanks to untreated dry eye. He's a bit daft, and is pretty old and stiff now, but they're two such beautiful dogs, it's hard to believe they were treated so badly. Before that we had Casper, also a rescue, whose previous owner had died. Still miss my old boy :-(

    Rescue dogs bring so much joy - on both sides. I will always adopt, and I want laws to stop breeders selling undesexed puppies, and Oscar's Law.

  4. Thank you for your feedback. Erin you are such a star and Saffron is so lucky to have you onboard!

    We would also love to see laws to protect purebred puppies, and have approached many vets all over Melbourne down to Geelong to ask if they would desex a litter of puppies before they are sold. PLENTY of experienced vets said yes. We have a spreadsheet of vets and their contact details for breeders should they wish to contact a vet and discuss this option.

    Enjoy your beautiful Rescue Dogs xoxox

  5. What a beautiful and important post. It is tragic how many people are still unaware of what a puppy mill is. I bet a lot of folks would never buy a dog if they could see the conditions it comes from. You can NEVER tell without visiting a breeder or having personal knowledge whether or not they are a puppy mill. It is just too easy to make up a glossy web site the belies the truth.

    Gypsy is a beautiful gal and lucky to have wonderful owners like you.

    Mango Momma


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