Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Chicco ~ Seddon

77 Charles St 
Seddon, 3011
ph (03) 9687 7194

We are so pleased with the fresh, new vibe of this café space in Seddon. The staff are down-to-earth, accommodating and friendly. The coat of white paint has brightened up this café, which really reflects the whole vibe of the new management and staff. It’s bright, funky and innovative ;)

This particular morning, we got up early to watch the Olympics. Our coffee and mocha did the trick to perk the humans up, but the pugs were still not happy! They love their sleep-ins, especially in winter!

Gypsy couldn’t even bring herself to look at the camera, let alone give us a smile! 
Definitely not a morning pug!

I’m sleeeeeeepy! I want to go back to bed!

Whilst the pugs weren’t too happy with our early morning start, the humans accompanying them were more than content with their breakfast choice of eggs on the menu. With delights such as ‘beetroot relish’ and ‘minted eggplant’ alongside eggs, it was hard to steer away from these menu items. However, it must be noted, that if you are after something sweet, this café has a wonderful selection of cakes ;)

We requested our Free Range Eggs to be scrambled, and the chef was obliging. We were extremely happy with our friendly service, and were blessed with the rare, yet welcoming stream of sunshine that hit our table to keep us warm!

Have you ever seen these beautiful brown eyes so sad! 
I will never wake them at 4:30am again! Grumpy!

We will definitely revisit Chicco, next time a little later so we are leaning more towards the ‘unch’ not the ‘br’ if you get our gist!  We have learnt our lesson, that our pugs do not do early mornings!

Till next time!


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  1. Well, this place just looks heavenly! How beautiful is your coffee. Yum!

    Happy seeing beautiful!


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