Sunday, 26 August 2012

Seddon Deadly Sins ~ Seddon

148 Victoria Street
Seddon 3011
(03) 9689 3092

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

Yes, in the form of buttermilk pancakes with white chocolate, mascarpone, macadamia ganache and strawberries. My sweet tooth veritably satisfied!

We are guilty as sin of trying other pancake specials here as well.....the special below featured grilled pineapple and was like Tropical North Queensland on a plate! Divine! In a devilish kind of way!

For those more savoury inclined, the Eggs Florentine came with a few extras today. 

Is that sausage for me?!

This was a feature on the infamous specials board at Seddon Deadly Sins. I’m not sure of the last time I ordered off the real menu (which might I add,  the menus are contained within random covers of Golden Books).

Another form of sin ~ not blogging prior to now, about this breakfast ‘institution’ in the heart of Seddon. Some places you just want to keep to yourself you know? But we couldn’t keep this one under wraps any longer. We are prepared to share the love, and wait in future for one of the exclusive front tables, if it means other dog lovers on the Westside get their pooches out and about with them ;)

I love going out for brunch!

Just a few shops up you will find Dog Diversity. We quickly dropped in here to get some doggy treats. The girls had yoghurt and carob tarts so we all gorged on sweets together.

 For more information about Dog Diversity, please visit our post via the link below:

Back to Seddon Deadly Sins, this café dares to be different. A memorable meal was on Mother’s Day this year. They served an ‘Elvis Breakfast’ with French toast, peanut butter, banana and I’m sure a trillion other elements which I have long forgotten. But I will never forget trying to finish that meal! It was huge! No wonder Elvis stacked it on!

Speaking of weight, the girls visited the vet on Monday and were given double thumbs up for their ‘weigh in’. How is it, that us humans pile on the weight over winter, yet the pugs have trimmed down?! Is that fair?! Truthfully, they were put on portion control and follow a strict diet away from the café treats. Their daily exercise has also kept them trim and terrific. It is really important we keep their weight down for health reasons. I am so proud of them looking so fit and healthy.

Today, we were all definitely Sinners. It was worth every calorie!


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