Monday, 30 January 2012

Cafe Moby ~ Torquay

41 The Esplanade
7am-3pm Monday - Sunday
ph (03) 5261 2339

quirk  (kwɜːk) 

— n individual peculiarity of character; mannerism or foible unexpected twist or turn: a quirk of fate
3.a continuous groove in an architectural moulding
4.a flourish, as in handwriting

This cafe was our saviour, as the rains came down & our beach visit was put on pause. We decided that our hungry stomachs need not be ignored & enjoyed a long brunch while we waited for the weather to pass. 

Gypsy and Poppet were greeted with a warm reception and they both enjoyed exploring their surrounds. This cafe instantly gives off a homely vibe which is lovely and welcoming to people of all ages and dogs of all sizes!

Eggs Florentine

Please, please, please! Can I have some bacon?

woo hoo! nom nom nom!

Coffee love! Definitely a highlight of our morning......but there is something that above all, is worth the drive down to Torquay for.....

Cinnamon, chocolate and maple bread & butter pudding. Gypsy was that excited she nearly jumped on the table. But she resisted temptation and instead, showed off her amazing table manners! We on the other hand, delighted in every mouthful (though barely breathing during the whole process in all honesty - it didn't last long!).........

This cafe is definitely worth a visit before your trip to the beach. Their cake/ sweet display is enough to make you want to drive from Melbourne to Torquay for a morning or afternoon tea ;-) Thank-you to the staff @ Cafe Moby for making Gypsy and Poppet feel very welcome. 


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Addiscot Beach

While everyone crawls down the highway to the beach on super hot days (Melbourne has had quite a few this summer!), this just isn't possible for pug lovers as pugs can overheat very quickly. Wanting to include our dogs in our day trip to the beach, we waited for the forecast to be more moderate ie showers!! to make our way down the Great Ocean Road. 

It was a perfect climate for pugs, they caught a glimpse of sunshine but it was well timed with cloud cover and rain to cool things down. How lucky they were to enjoy a brunch date in a covered courtyard whilst the rain poured, before the beautiful sunshine arrived so they could venture to the beach for a splash ;-)

Heading to Point Addis, Gypsy & Poppet enjoyed a short trail along the coastline and to the lookout. We  were lucky enough to then meet the local park rangers, who pointed us in the right direction for the entry to Addiscot Beach ~ a dog-friendly beach all year round ;-)

This beach is magical for dogs. While pugs can't swim, Gypsy & Poppet love the water and enjoyed running in shallow water to cool off and have fun. Addiscot is a quiet cove tucked in between the ever-popular Bells Beach & Anglesea. We were lucky enough to visit on a weekday and wonder how busy it gets on the weekends? Only one way to find out! We will have to return ;-)

Check out the link below to see where dogs are allowed in the Otways region.


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Queens Park ~ Moonee Ponds

Cnr Mt Alexander Road and Kellaway Avenue, Moonee Ponds

This park is centred around a large lake, which the dogs loved walking around. Since visiting the park & looking it up, we have read that the Moonee Valley Council prohibits dogs from being within 15 metres of any children’s playground, public barbeque, shared path or exercise equipment area. Therefore we would encourage you to check if this applies to the lakeside paths. We were not the only dogs there! It may only apply to off-leash dogs, but the council website was not specific. Considering there were dog bowls underneath water bubblers, we are confused!
Gypsy & Poppet met up with their friend Jessie. 

Here is Jessie checking out the ducks!

Look! Ducks! Gypsy was very excited!

Jessie and Poppet hanging out at Queens Park!

Sisters walking and hugging at the same time!

Dog water bowl for after our adventurous walk ;)

Oliver's Garden Cafe

03 9372 0438

We stopped into Oliver's Garden Cafe for a lovely brunch. 
The cafe is fully licensed, serving breakfast and lunch 
from 8:30AM – 4:30PM Monday to Friday,  and 9AM-4PM Saturday and Sunday. 

 Mushroom Salad 

Bruschetta Breakfast
A bruschetta with a twist! Pesto, avocado & tomato. Yum!

Moroccan Breakfast
Baked eggs with tomato, chorizo, chickpeas & falafel

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Morning Exercise ;-)

Before morning exercise.....

After morning exercise!!!!! ;-)

Don't let hot weather deter you from exercising your pup, just get their walks or plays in earlier or later in the day.
Dogs, especially pugs need to be kept cool on hot days, but they also need exercise to stay fit.
We made a commitment to get them to the park earlier before the hot weather hits us today.
It was beautiful and cool & many other dog owners had the same idea with over 10 dogs visiting.
As you can see, they were very happy to have still got their play in the park!

Check out one of Gypsy's earlier posts on different dog parks in Melbourne ;-)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Play with me Poppy!

Poppy are you going to play with me? 
hmmm...I'm pretty chilled out & yeh......I've got prime position in front of the fan & all....
oookay, I'll play with you......
yaye! I love Tug-o-War ;-)
I'm going to get it...I'm going to get it! ;-)
I love playing with Poppy ;-)
My big sister Poppy is so much fun to play with ;-)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Stuzzi Cafe Bar & Lounge ~ Northcote

325 High St
Northcote 3070
ph (03) 9486 3399

Today's brunch visit was to Stuzzi Cafe Bar & Lounge in Northcote. As you can see in the photo above, there is a huge front courtyard perfect for dining with your dog. Although on busy High St, it felt further from the road that it actually was, with the alfresco dining area well sheltered from traffic noise along with music playing outside to add further ambience. 

Poppet & Gypsy exploring the cafe. 
Crustoli with our coffees kicked off our brunch on a high note. It was so good we could've almost ordered another coffee just for the crustoli! Stuzzi use Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee which is a bonus for any eco-warriors out there reading our blog ;-)
Meeting a (huge!) local dog at Stuzzi. Poppet was eager to meet him but Gypsy wasn't too sure....
The baba ganoush was the star of the Middle Eastern Eggs

The Chilli Eggs had an amazing salsa with a good little kick! 
We may have added a sausage on the side for our companions ;-) 

Gypsy & Poppet waiting for the next surprise outside of the automatic door beside the cafe. They met locals galore ;-)
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Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Pint of Milk ~ Newport

 19 North Rd
Newport 3015
ph.  (03) 9391 6641

This photo courtesy of
Gypsy showing Poppet the ropes. 
 Gypsy took her sister Poppet on her first cafe date today. Poppet is fast learning cafe etiquette and how much fun a visit to the park is!
The Pint of Milk in Newport is one of our favourites, as we can combine a visit to Newport Park just across the road. The Pint of Milk has lovely bench tables out the front, where we grabbed a quick coffee in the beautiful sunshine. 

We also enjoyed the most delightful cakes (blackberry and frangipane tart and orange and poppyseed cake).  The ricotta hotcakes with peanut butter parfait, grilled banana and walnut brittle are also highly recommended. They are amazingly wicked! 
Walking in Newport Park ;-) 
How cute are they?! 
People watching in Newport Park ;-)

This link will take you straight to the pint of milk's menu. Don't visit hungry ~ the foodie photos are soooo good!

Enjoy your visit! Don't forget to take your pup(s) with you! They will love it! ;-)


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