Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Pets in the Park ~ City of Stonnington

March 24 2012 ~ 11-4pm
Central Park
Bourke Rd

The City of Stonnington is proud to present Pets in the Park - an annual free family fun day in the park with pets and entertainment.

Pets In The Park will feature: 
  • Displays by pet obedience clubs
  • Responsible pet ownership tips
  • Information from animal welfare groups & service providers
  • Jack Russell Terrier racing
  • Children's entertainment, activities and rides
  • Live music
  • And much much more!

For further information: 

Contact the Cultural Development and Events Unit on 03 8290 1333. 
Event information taken from the City of Stonnington webpage

Brimbank City Council Pet Expo 2012

Pet owners in Brimbank have another opportunity to get their pets microchipped at the discount price of $25 at 'Pet Expo 2012’ which is being organised by Council on Saturday 31st March 2012.

This year’s event will be held at:
The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria'
Green Gully Reserve
McCrae Boulevard (off Green Gully Road)
Keilor Downs   3021
(Melway reference 14E8)

on Saturday 31st March, 2012 between 10.00am and 2.00pm.

The microchipping will be undertaken by National Pet Register Australia (operated by The Lost Dog’s Home) and the cost will be $25 per pet.  Bookings are essential prior to the Expo day by calling 1300 734 738 or booking online at www.petregister.com.au/events 
Other activities will be available on the day including responsible pet ownership promotion (incorporating various clubs and organizations), sausage sizzle, demonstrations and much, much more.
Dogs must be on a lead and cats must be secured in a cage.

For further information, contact Council’s City Compliance Department on
9249 4000.

Event information courtesy of Brimbank City Council webpage http://www.brimbank.vic.gov.au

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cafe Sweethearts & Scoutabout ~ South Melbourne

Café Sweethearts

263 Coventry St
South Melbourne
(03) 9690 6752

Today, we decided to visit our friends on Saffron on the Hill. First stop though, was a quick visit to South Melbourne. Coventry St is such a lovely strip and has many dog-friendly cafes on and just off Coventry St. We were glad to secure an outside table at Café Sweethearts. 

This cafe has an amazing egg selection (try the Eggs Polenta!) though today we were just after a quick meal so opted for organic porridge. 
One with banana and coconut, the other with mixed berries, honey and coconut. 

South Melbourne Street Fair

Scoutabout ~ South Melbourne's Street Fair was kicking off at 11am and there was an exciting buzz developing as stall holders starting setting up and promoting their businesses. We supported the Port Phillip Walking Woof Club who were selling home baked dog treats. 


There were many dogs out and about this morning in South Melbourne ;-) 

Zonked after a big day!

Café Sweethearts on Urbanspoon

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saffron on the Hill Open Day 2012

March 17, 2012
$10 Entry includes afternoon tea

Saffron on the Hill is near and dear to our hearts. As we educated ourselves about puppy farming and the horrible conditions many poor darling dogs had to endure for backyard breeding, we came to meet many amazing rescue organisations, shelters and foster circles in Victoria. Saffron on the Hill was where we found, and adopted, our beautiful 4 year old mama-no-more Poppet.

On March 17, 2012 Karen and her friends on the Hill will host a wonderful Open Day. We encourage any dog lovers who are passionate about making a difference in spreading the word, particularly to those who are considering introducing a dog into their lives. The more people who understand how many rescue folk are out there working hard to save lives, the more we can encourage potential pet owners to assist these folk by looking at adopting a rescue/ shelter dog or buying from a registered breeder instead of a pet shop pet. Please visit Poppet's Page for some links to useful sites on closing down puppy farms. 

Saffron on the Hill's Open Day will be filled with love and laughter, with the stars of the show their rescue pugs. If you have ever owned this breed, you will understand how unique each and every little personality is. Some believe the closest thing to man is ape. We believe it is pug! lol!

There will be novelty trick shows, a costume competition, face painting for the kids, pet portraits from Erin McNaulty Photography, sausage sizzle and the most gorgeous leads and harnesses amongst other treats from the Saffron shop. 

Make sure you RSVP! 
saffrononthehill@y7.com or

All photos courtesy of Saffron on Hill ;-)


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

ooooo! A flower delivery! Who are they for?

I think they are for me!

Noooooo! They are for me!!!!

Beautiful flowers!

Sent with love!

A special heart toy for the girls (already defluffed!)


Happy Valentine's Day

Love Poppet

and Gypsy 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Yarraville Pop-Up Park ;-)

Ballarat St

photos & event information courtesy of http://www.maribyrnong.vic.gov.au

Gypsy & Poppet love Yarraville. It's a quirky little village full of character. Just when you think it couldn't get any more kitschy, the council introduce an initiative inspired by similar set ups in London, New York & San Fran. The POP-UP PARK!

Ballarat Street between Murray and Canterbury Streets in Yarraville has temporarily closed to traffic for 3 months to create a ‘pop-up park’. The park will open from 1 February until late April and traffic will not be allowed into this area. The park will consist of large planters, synthetic turf, tables, chairs and umbrellas to create a stimulating space in the heart of Yarraville Village for people to come together, relax and enjoy village life.

Traders, community groups and locals have the opportunity to participate by using the space to hold events, create art installations and other activities that will contribute to the activation of the park. If you have a great idea of something you would like to do or see in the space, let the council know! (http://www.maribyrnong.vic.gov.au)

The project aims to:
Encourage community pride in public spaces
Reduce traffic and noise
Ease pedestrian movement around shops
Create a place for people - not cars
Increase public life in the village

The park will redefine the road as public space giving pedestrians the chance to enjoy the outdoors in the heart of an urban environment that was previously occupied by cars. Locals can drop by for a coffee, read a book, have lunch with friends or enjoy an ice-cream in the sun before a movie starts. In the future the materials could be re-used for the park to ‘pop-up’ again.

For more information visit the council website:

Pets Blogs

Any advertising funds raised will 100% go to animal welfare charities

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