Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dog~Friendly Daylesford Pt 1!

Chocolate Mill
5451 Midland Hwy
Mount Franklin VIC 3461

Dogs and Chocolate are not usually a good mix, but we were able to combine both with pleasure. Of course, the pugs didn't consume any chocolate (it is toxic for dogs) but they certainly loved the rural surrounds of the Chocolate Mill and the humans absolutely enjoyed the chocolate consumption while the pugs explored!

A chocolate box for humans and liver treats for pugs!

There is a huge outdoor area here and dogs on leads are most welcome. We were lucky to visit on a beautiful, sunny day. The pugs enjoyed rummaging in the leaves and sticks. Gypsy even played hide and seek behind a log! 

Chocolate Mill is the perfect place for a sweet morning tea or afternoon tea with chocolates, cakes, ice cream and hot and cold drinks. It is just 7 minutes north of Daylesford on the highway(A300) heading towards Castlemaine. 

Yummy milkshakes and milk chocolate with coffee beans

Gypsy and Poppet enjoying the outdoors at the Chocolate Mill

So much Fun in the Sun! with my new toy from 'Mind Your Pet' in Daylesford

At Chocolate Mill all of their chocolate is made on site and sold exclusively. They use only Callebaut Belgian Couverture chocolate in all their products, made with the finest cocoa beans, natural bourbon vanilla and 100% pure cocoa butter. Best of all, no palm oil! There is a viewing window to see the production as it happens. Chocolate demonstrations happen daily at 11am and 2pm. 

We love the story of The Chocolate Mill....

In 2001, Jennifer Gregory and Chris Weippert moved from Perth into a shed on the property. Here they lived for 28 months, 18 months without power and budgeted for $7 a day for food for the two of them, while building. On November 21st 2003, with $22 in the bank, they opened. Only 4 months later they were featured in Epicure and then The Herald Sun.

If you are not located in Victoria, The Chocolate Mill have an online store:

Our next post will also feature another great place we visited whilst in Daylesford! Stay tuned!

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Saffron on the Hill Market Stall!

Saffron on the Hill Market Stall

Poppet looking after the stall at Yarragon!

Today we looked after the Saffron on the Hill market stall at Yarragon Craft Markets and we met lots of great dog owners and lots of rescue pugs! It was wonderful to raise more awareness about puppy farms and some much needed funds for our rescue dogs.

If you think you could commit to a monthly market stall to help raise funds for the rescue dogs of Saffron on the Hill, please contact Saffron on the Hill are always looking for reliable, hardworking volunteers.

If you would like to subscribe to the Saffron on the Hill newsletter and find out what markets our stall visits each month and other ways we fundraise, please email to be placed on the mailing list (newsletter is emailed monthly).

And finally! If you are not a Victorian resident, but read our blog (we love you too!) you don't have to miss out! Our collars, leads and harnesses are available online @

Fun in the Sun at Yarragon Craft Markets


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ballan Spring Rally & Market

Spring heralds the birth of new life and is a welcomed break from the cold winter weather. The coming of the warmer days also signifies the continued dog breeding season when many thousands of puppies will be born in puppy factories. Breeding bitches have an average of two breeding seasons a year unlike their wild ancestors that only breed when food and resources are plentiful.

As much as we love and adore baby animals and love all that spring brings with it, we must stop and give thought to the thousands of breeding bithces and dogs locked away in puppy factories. These parents along with their puppies won't get to enjoy the feel of the spring time grass under their feet or feel the sun on their backs. They will once again spend the entire spring locked away as prisoners in concrete floored wire cages.

This injustice just can't continue. We cannot allow the proposed Ballan puppy factory to open. We will continue our fight. Please join us at the Ballan market to spread the word about puppy factories and the importance of desexing your pets. Make your banners and cards with a spring time theme showing your anger and outrage at puppy factories.

For further information about puppy farms and how to raise awareness, please visit

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Oscar's Law Rally Melbourne

These amazing photos below were taken by Erin McNulty. Erin offers custom pet photography that is unique, beautiful and timeless. We can definitely recommend her services to pet lovers wanting photographs of their furry children. Erin is also a generous heart, dedicating many hours of volunteer work to the rescue organisation 'Saffron on the Hill Dog Rescue Inc'. Please head on over to her webpage to see other galleries of her wonderful work and don't forget to like her Facebook page to keep updated on her new work!

Oscar's Law Collars, Harness and Lead sets from the rally will be available online soon at

Our darling Bob and Giggs from Saffron on the Hill Dog Rescue Inc.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Chez Dré Encore!

We really do aim to cover a variety of cafes to share with dog~lovers but it is really hard to go past Chez Dré in South Melbourne when we visit this part of town. Particularly when you are entertaining Europeans and long brunches are the norm. A few lattes, some oo-la-la brunch, a few more lattes, followed by pastries and tarts.

For our original post on Chez Dré, please visit this link as it will give you all the vital information you need to make your way to this amazing little treasure trove tucked away in South Melbourne. 

But before you do, lust over the 'Omelette Du Jour with Herb Polenta' and 'Minute Steak on Homemade Focaccia' we had today. As for the 'Lemon Citrus Tart' and 'Praline Dessert', you are just going to have to believe us, we couldn't resist and ate them straight away! 

Hey! Where did that tart go?

Faces say it all. The girls LOVE South Melbourne ;)

Outtake - too funny!


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Any advertising funds raised will 100% go to animal welfare charities

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