Thursday, 28 June 2012

Oscar's Gotcha Day

Oscar's Gotcha Day

July 9 2012

July 9th 2012 is the day Oscar celebrates 1 year of freedom, however there are thousands of dogs that remain confined in terrible conditions on puppy factories not only in Australia but also around the world. 

July 9th is a day to celebrate but to also remember the ones we are still fighting for. We encourage you to do something on this day to raise awareness about Oscar’s Law and be part of the solution. Organise a morning tea at your workplace, wear your OL shirt, contact your local rescue group/shelter and find out what’s on their wish list, create an event and get friends and family to help you donate blankets or what ever they may need, get some of our postcards and letterbox around your neighbourhood. 

Be leaders, be creative, raise awareness, the power is in our hands. Don’t forget to take photos and share with us all how you made a difference on July 9th 2012.

David at Goodwill Wine has organised limited edition wine celebrating Oscar's "Gotcha Day" on July 9th 2012 with a beautiful photo of Oscar on the label and special wording to celebrate this day.

This will only be available from now until July 10th 2012 so be quick to order your limited edition wine and celebrate Oscar's 1st Anniversary of Freedom.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

YAP WEAR ~ Albert Park

9 Victoria Avenue
Albert Park 3206
(03) 9696 7474

Helloooooo Jen! Mimi! We're baaaaack!

After a delightful brunch in Bridport St, Albert Park ~ we stroll down to YAP WEAR to visit our friends Jen & Mimi. For those enough lucky to be within driving distance of Albert Park, you must visit the 'Pop-up Shop' to meet Jen & Mimi and view their range of amazing coats and accessories. 

Poppet out the front of YAP WEAR 'Pop-Up Shop'

Alternatively you can visit YAP WEAR online ( or see some real life happy customers on the YAP WEAR Facebook page ( 

YAP WEAR Dogcoats was launched in Melbourne in 1999. Proudly all YAP WEAR Dogcoats are made in Australia with as much Australian content as possible, reducing their carbon footprint. 

YAP WEAR's reputation has been built on quality, style and service. YAP WEAR  Dogcoats are known for their bright colours, interesting fabrics and hip reflective trims. Having pugs, due to their top heavy builds, sizing can be an issue and many coats don't cater for their beautiful unique body types! After visiting YAP WEAR, the girls were spoilt rotten with gourmet treats before being measured up for their coats to ensure best fit! What customer service! 

Gypsy doesn't stop smiling in the 'Pop-Up Store' ~ it is her little happy place. Poppet's wagging tail tells the same story, though she does get jealous of the pug who stares her down in the wall mirror ;)

The 'Pop-Up Shop' is open most Fridays through to Sundays but be sure to check the YAP WEAR webpages for updates on opening times. Jen also takes the opportunity in meeting customers in her shop to spread the word about Animal Welfare campaigns such as 'Oscar's Law' and 'Where do Puppies Come From?' as well as supporting rescue groups such as 'Saffron on the Hill' and 'Pets Haven Pro Life Shelter'. 

Saffron on the Hill collars for sale in YAP WEAR 'Pop-Up Shop'

We took some more stickers to put on our travel crates ~ they are covered with animal welfare awareness stickers. Hopefully the Qantas baggage handlers look up Oscar's Law and Puppy Mills and learn something new while spoiling our pugs in transition between their two favourite cities! Thanks Jen for our 2 new stickers!

If you are looking for a lovely Saturday (or Sunday!) plan with your dogs ~ head over to Albert Park ~ grab yourself a fabulous coffee & brunch in the Bridport St region then drop into YAP WEAR. Humans happy....tick......Pugs happy......double tick!
Hey Guys!!! 'Pop-Up Shop' is open! This way!


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Continental ~ Albert Park

117 Dundas Pl
Albert Park 3206
(03) 9696 8088

Albert Park on Saturday mornings = Doggy Central! It was wonderful to see so many dogs of different breeds from chi-size to super-size strolling or brunching with their owners on this sunshine~filled winter morning. After many days of rain post tremor in Melbourne, we're sure many dogs and their owners had a case of 'cabin fever' and were darting out their doors to enjoy the first sign of a lovely winter's day all week.

Bridport St is a buzz ~ there are many choices for alfresco dining with large, well-covered tables with sufficient heating to make your brunch not only bearable, but enjoyable in winter. Add a bonus stream of sunshine, and we were loving our choice of brunch venue for today!

We were greeted by lovely wait staff, prompt to deliver water to the table and welcome the pugs. Nearby tables were other dog-lovers with their mini Schnauzers. A lovely lady shared a children's book about dogs that she had just bought for her daughter with us and we felt very welcome in this little hub.

Continental had a steady stream of coffee lovers today. We even spotted comedian Dave Hughes grabbing his coffee! The pugs decided not to bother him on his holiday though. I'm sure he would've enjoyed a few pug hugs though! Maybe next time we are in the hood ;)

People and Pug Watching. Hey Dave! 
Continental had an amazing menu and special's board. Check out the amazing multi-grain bruschetta that arrived on our table!

Multi-grain Bruschetta 
Served with avocado, goats cheese, olive oil, fresh lime with grilled cherry tomatoes on multi-grain toast

Following the arrival of brunch, were dog treats for the pugs. This was an added touch that really made us feel the doggy-love! The sample biscuits were provided by Diamond Dog Bakery in Brighton. The girls were over-the-moon and ready to show off their manners, promptly sitting and hi-5ing for their biscuits! What a great way to top off our morning in Albert Park. 

ooooo Are they for us?!

See! We aren't the only dogs who gaze up at brunch tables!
The mini Schauzers are at it too!
After brunch, we decided to visit our friend Jen at Yap Wear. Be sure to see the next upcoming post about her fantastic pop-up store!

Continental on Urbanspoon

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Don't Trust Puppy Farmers ~ Oscar's Law

Don't trust puppy farmers

They try and hide what they do


Puppy farmers try and hide what they do but you can help stop them simply by looking out for their deceitful behaviour.
They often have their own websites, advertise online and run small ads in newspapers - but they won't let you visit their homes or see the parents. They'll try to visit you, meet you in a car park or lure you to some other neutral location.
If you want to buy a healthy and happy puppy that has come from a mother who is properly cared for, make sure you find a reputable breeder or choose to adopt and save a life. And never buy puppies from pet shops.
Together we can break the puppy trade.
Gypsy and Poppet want Oscar's Law

Monday, 18 June 2012

A Cause for Comedy ~ Halfway Home Animal Rescue

The Halfway Home Animal Rescue is a foster program and registered charitable organisation. They are staffed by volunteers and entirely funded by public donations. 

'A Cause for Comedy' ~ The Halfway Home Animal Rescue Fundraiser for 2012 will be held at The Order of Melbourne, on June 24, with all proceeds going directly to Halfway Home.


Australian celebrities, comedians, musicians and entertainers will converge in aid of Halfway Home Animal Rescue Inc on Sunday 24th June 2012 at ”A Cause for Comedy.”
Held at The Order at 401,Level 2,Swanston Street, Melbourne, the event will give host to an A-list red carpet of Australian television, entertainment and musical talent in support of the ongoing work of Halfway Home Animal Rescue, the volunteer-run foster program that saves the lives of desperate cats and dogs in pounds on death row. 


Co-hosted by Melbourne’s own king of cabaret Wes Snelling and the incomparable Monte Diamonte, event guests will include Em Rusciano (The Circle, The Project), The Fabulous Adam Richard, Bev Killick, Matt Doll (The Blowwaves), Joel Creasey, Bart Freebairn, plus some of Melbourne’s best burlesque performers and drag queens
If that wasn’t enough, musical talents dj Tamara Kiti and Just Shake It dj’s will be serving up tunes on the dance floor all night long.


Tickets can be booked online. For more details, head over to the Halfway Home Animal Rescue's webpage or follow links through our Facebook page to their event ;) 

All dogs featured in this blog are up for adoption through Halfway Home Animal Rescue


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Miss Marmalade & Gilpin Park

Upon recommendation, we ventured to Brunswick to sample the delights of 'Miss Marmalade'. Stating on their website that dogs are always welcome on the terrace, we felt relaxed knowing we were visiting a dog-lovers cafe! We were reassured when we saw three other dogs brunching with their owners. It is wonderful to see so many people out and about with their dogs on the weekend. Doggy brunching is trending ;)

Drinks arrived promptly. We had a case of envy when we saw the Bloody Mary menu after we had ordered. One arrived at a nearby table and looked amazing!

Gypsy and Poppet were brunch dating with their cousin Rufi today. 
Here is Rufi getting a kiss on both cheeks from the pugs.

Rufi in a pug sandwich!

The breakfast menu was fantastic. So many choices and we love a cafe that put a twist on staple breakfast items. Like pancakes. 

Wait for it.....Gingerbread hotcakes with poached fruit, Tahitian vanilla bean and maple mascarpone and chopped pistachios! 

The only negative in ordering something this decadent is if the pugs catch a glimpse of it first......then eating becomes a sport of not giving in to guilty eyes that cry 'please, please, please'.....

We are sure we read pancakes on the Doggy Menu!!??

Is any of that for me?

The other menu choice that was popular on our table was Jacks cheddar on organic sour dough with vine ripened tomatoes and rosemary with a hash brown and bacon.

View the breakfast menu here:

Or better still, head on over there for brunch today! ;)

Gilpin Park

Albert St,

Rufi showed us one of the many off-leash dog parks in Brunswick. Gilpin Park is close to Miss Marmalade and a lovely haven for dogs and their owners surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Brunswick. There is nothing manicured about this park, it felt more like we were in bushland and for dogs who love exploring, what more could you want?!

Gypsy and Rufi playing fetch. 

For the humans, there were wide walking tracks, but we have been blessed with sunshine over the past few days in Melbourne, so the grass wasn't too wet and we enjoyed the 'discovery trail' just as much as the girls did. If your dog loves puddles though, be prepared!  There are plenty here! Mud baths for dogs! Gypsy loves planking. In puddles. It's her sport. As you can see below, Poppet hates getting her paws wet. She will crazy yoga style reach over water to not get her paws wet. Bless her heart.

There is a dog waterbowl on the walking track. We only spotted this one but the park is small enough that you reach the waterbowl on a quick ten minute lap.

Poppet met another pug called Murphy. Pug kisses. Aw! For Pug-lovers, Murphy's Mum informed us that there are five pugs in the area that regularly visit the park. 

Here are a list of other off-leash parks in Brunswick, as noted on the Moreland City Council webpage. Check your council webpages for further information and advice on visiting off-leash parks.

  • A G Gillon Oval, Hope Street. Melways 29 E6
  • Balfe Park, John Street.  Melways 30 A9
  • Clifton Park, Victoria Street. Melways 29 E7
  • Fleming Park, Victoria Street. Melways 30 A8
  • Methven Park, Methven Street. Melways 29 K8
  • Reaburn Reserve, Pearson Street. Melways 29 E7
  • Roberts Reserve, Harrison Street. Melways 30 B6

  • Another day, another brunch and park visit. 
    Tough life being a pampered pug!


    Miss Marmalade on Urbanspoon

    Any advertising funds raised will 100% go to animal welfare charities

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