Sunday, 29 April 2012

Autumn in Hobson's Bay ;-)

Today was another beautiful Autumn day in Melbourne! 
We decided to take the pugs to Williamstown to 
enjoy the beautiful weather. 

First walk (on leash) was through the Williamstown Botanic 
Gardens (Corner Giffard and Osborne Streets, Williamstown).
These gardens are absolutely stunning! 

Poppet & Gypsy enjoying a lovely walk in the Botanic Gardens

Mum I can't believe you are making us pose on this park bench!
Not going to smile. No way. This is silly!

Across the road from the Williamstown Botanic Gardens 
are the reserves along the bay. Hatt Reserve directly opposite
 is a dog-on-lead walking area, but just a short walk along the 
bayside path and you will arrive at Cyril Curtain Reserve, 
which is an off-leash area for dogs. 

Gypsy having a drink out of the human & dog bubblers ;)

Sunshine! Walking in Hatt Reserve

 On our way to the rock pools ;)

We decided to take the girls down to the rock pools. 
Poppet enjoyed meeting a dalmation and laying in the sun 
on the sand, while Gypsy was splashing in water, 
chasing seagulls and hopping in and out of rocks. 
It is a great place for dogs, relatively quiet
 and exciting for dogs who love exploring
 (Gypsy is true to her name- she loves discovering new places).

Playing in the rock pools ;-)

 We love the bay!

Day 2 of splashing! Yayeeeee!

The big dog rock pool ;-)

Be sure to check the reserve signs along Hobsons Bay so you can 
choose a lovely place to interact with your dog in the gorgeous
 surrounds. Most are dog-friendly, you will just need to know 
which areas are off-leash ;) If you would like to check before you
 make the trip ~ here is the link to off-leash areas in Hobsons Bay
 from the City Council webpage:

We hope the sunshine holds out a little longer, we are loving
 the cooler days with streams of sunshine to provide just enough warmth. 
Perfect pug weather!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Bayside Spectacular


Pop-Up Store 
9 Victoria Ave, Albert Park VIC
Online Store

We spent the afternoon bay hopping, enjoying what is
left of the sunshine! It was a beautiful afternoon in

First stop was Yap Wear in Albert Park. We found out 
about Yap Wear through our friends at Saffron on the Hill,
as they are stocking Saffron's amazing collars and leads!
(as seen on display below). Jen from Yap Wear is a huge supporter 
of animal welfare charities and rescue groups and displays many
posters and postcards about puppy farms as well as stocking 
Oscar's Law Bandanas.

Saffron Collars @ Yap Wear store
We ordered Gypsy and Poppet each a vintage denim coat 
for winter visits to cafes and restaurants. We will be sure 
to update you on their new look when we visit Jen @ 
Yap Wear again!

If you have a four-legged family member who you love to 
take with you everywhere, be sure to check out Yap Wear's 
amazing range of coats for winter! They are proudly 
Australian Made!

Sandown St Beach, Brighton VIC

Next stop was the Sandown St Beach for dogs in Brighton. 
It is completely fenced and off-leash all year round. 
The water is shallow so great for dogs who love to play
in puddles and splash but not swim ie Gypsy!
The girls had a ball exploring their surrounds. 

 City views from Sandown St Beach

Weeeeeee I love the beach!

I'm a Where's Wally at this beach! 
I'm the same colour as the sand!

Splish splash! 

At the top of the sandy hill! Look at me!

Hey! What are you guys up to?

Gypsy checking out all the sailing boats!

 Oh I am just too cute. Yes. I know it. 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pugs & Pizza ~ Motorino! Kingsville

29A Vernon Street 
South Kingsville VIC 3015
ph. 9399 2121

We apologise in advance for our lack of attention to great
 photographs for this blog, but felt it was time 
we shared our little gem with you!

Motorino is by far, the best pizza we have shared 
with friends in Melbourne. 
Their extensive menu, amazing specials and ridiculous
 (in the best way possible) dessert pizzas make it impossible
 to eat sensibly! 
Order a WHOLE pizza AND don't stop! 
Order a dessert pizza too! You won't regret it!

Ma! Please....just a little crust! please!

Motorino have fantastic bench seats out the front 
and we are often not the only ones 
who bring along their four-legged family members for dinner.

Waiting for their friend Panda to arrive ;)
Hanging out being trendy @ Motorino. As you do ;)

Motorino on Urbanspoon

Friday, 20 April 2012

Pug ~ Mobile!

Poppet in her pug ~ mobile! Let me out!
(Just arrived at the park for daily exercise)

Spreading to the word ~ parked daily in front of schools & dog parks!

Poppet peeking out the window!

Gypsy in her walking gear ;)

Our gorgeous Gypsy Ju

Any advertising funds raised will 100% go to animal welfare charities

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