Monday, 30 January 2012

Addiscot Beach

While everyone crawls down the highway to the beach on super hot days (Melbourne has had quite a few this summer!), this just isn't possible for pug lovers as pugs can overheat very quickly. Wanting to include our dogs in our day trip to the beach, we waited for the forecast to be more moderate ie showers!! to make our way down the Great Ocean Road. 

It was a perfect climate for pugs, they caught a glimpse of sunshine but it was well timed with cloud cover and rain to cool things down. How lucky they were to enjoy a brunch date in a covered courtyard whilst the rain poured, before the beautiful sunshine arrived so they could venture to the beach for a splash ;-)

Heading to Point Addis, Gypsy & Poppet enjoyed a short trail along the coastline and to the lookout. We  were lucky enough to then meet the local park rangers, who pointed us in the right direction for the entry to Addiscot Beach ~ a dog-friendly beach all year round ;-)

This beach is magical for dogs. While pugs can't swim, Gypsy & Poppet love the water and enjoyed running in shallow water to cool off and have fun. Addiscot is a quiet cove tucked in between the ever-popular Bells Beach & Anglesea. We were lucky enough to visit on a weekday and wonder how busy it gets on the weekends? Only one way to find out! We will have to return ;-)

Check out the link below to see where dogs are allowed in the Otways region.


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  1. Beaches are teh best!

    Stop on by for a visit


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