Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Pet-Friendly Accommodation links

Gypsy loves travelling. Her first holiday was to a farm in Berrybank. She was fascinated by sheep and loved running in the paddocks. Gypsy also flies with Qantas, who allow you to check your small dog for free as your 'checked baggage'. You can always add excess baggage for $20 if you would like to take a checked suitcase as well as your carry on. We have found this to be the most affordable option and have been pleased with the Qantas staff and their care with pets. Gypsy travelled with four other dogs on her recent flight! We hope they keep each other company on the plane ;-) We opt to fly her as 4 hours alone in a travel cage is worth it for a long holiday surrounded by family & friends. 

We are fortunate that Gypsy loves car trips. She often sleeps on longer drives. Some of her cousins don't travel so well in the car so it is up to the individual dog. We took her in the car from a young age and make regular stops. Regular bursts of fresh air over air conditioning help us all too ;-)

Planning a trip to Melbourne? 
Or do you live in Melbourne & would like to escape to other parts of Victoria for a mini-break away? 
Here are some links for Pet-Friendly Accommodation in Melbourne and other parts of  Victoria. There are links to popular search engines or direct links to accommodation. Please let us know if you have any personal recommendations. In the meantime, be sure to check travel & pet forums for reviews ;-)


Greater Melbourne ~ other parts of Victoria

The artwork in this post is from Studio Lara: Fine Art by Lara Harris.
 Check out her blog or visit her store on etsy to see her beautiful pet paintings!



  1. That is great Gypsy.. tell us more about your trip to the farm!!!! :) Woof.. and happy new year!!!!

  2. I would love to go to that place and stay at the nicest accommodation in town.

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  3. Lucky Dog, Roaming around the world.

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