Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Introducing Poppet ;-)

Gypsy would like to introduce her new sister, Poppet! 
Poppet is 4 years old and is a brave & beautiful girl from 
'Saffron on the Hill'.
 After care & rehabilitation from Karen & her foster family @ 'Saffron on the Hill', we officially adopted her today. 

A welcome gift ~ Gypsy & Poppet have 'G' and 'P' hanging off their awesome 'Saffron on the Hill' collars ;-)

The pugs are staying cool today by snoozing on the tiles or dipping their paws in their splash pool & look forward to going on adventures together in & about Melbourne. To think, Poppet will have her first dog-friendly cafe experience with her lil' sister Gypsy showing her the ropes. It's really easy Poppet. All you have to do is 

a) look cute 
b) look cute
c) look cute

Poppet will be sure to love the cafe scene as much as Gypsy does. Right now though we are all too hot & bothered to talk coffee. So, stay tuned for updates! 


  1. Oh!!! Gypsy you have a new sis!!! How cool is that? You are going to have lot of fun and it is the start of a new gang on the block!!!!! Woof.. lot of love from Lulu...

  2. I can't stop looking at them, they looked so relaxed together already. Thank you three sooo much for opening your hearts and your home to a very special rescue dog. Can't wait to hear all the stories and adventures they get up to. Here anytime you need us. Love all on the Hill xx

  3. Congratulations Gypsy on getting a new sister! And Congrats to you too, Poppet for finding and awesome home!

    Sam and Pippen

  4. Congratulations! ...and welcome, Poppet! How exciting!


  5. Gypsy Ju I am so excited for you!!!! Congrats on your new sis. She could not have found a better furever family!
    Love Noodles

  6. Welcome! Congrats on the new addition!

    Stop on by for a visit


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