Monday, 30 January 2012

Cafe Moby ~ Torquay

41 The Esplanade
7am-3pm Monday - Sunday
ph (03) 5261 2339

quirk  (kwɜːk) 

— n individual peculiarity of character; mannerism or foible unexpected twist or turn: a quirk of fate
3.a continuous groove in an architectural moulding
4.a flourish, as in handwriting

This cafe was our saviour, as the rains came down & our beach visit was put on pause. We decided that our hungry stomachs need not be ignored & enjoyed a long brunch while we waited for the weather to pass. 

Gypsy and Poppet were greeted with a warm reception and they both enjoyed exploring their surrounds. This cafe instantly gives off a homely vibe which is lovely and welcoming to people of all ages and dogs of all sizes!

Eggs Florentine

Please, please, please! Can I have some bacon?

woo hoo! nom nom nom!

Coffee love! Definitely a highlight of our morning......but there is something that above all, is worth the drive down to Torquay for.....

Cinnamon, chocolate and maple bread & butter pudding. Gypsy was that excited she nearly jumped on the table. But she resisted temptation and instead, showed off her amazing table manners! We on the other hand, delighted in every mouthful (though barely breathing during the whole process in all honesty - it didn't last long!).........

This cafe is definitely worth a visit before your trip to the beach. Their cake/ sweet display is enough to make you want to drive from Melbourne to Torquay for a morning or afternoon tea ;-) Thank-you to the staff @ Cafe Moby for making Gypsy and Poppet feel very welcome. 


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