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Dog Grooming ~ Melbourne

After Gypsy’s eye was removed, I became the over-protective devil Mother I never wanted to be. She wasn’t the only one with one-eye. I slept with one-eye open for months. As it healed, both my eyes opened to the fact she was a total scruff ball and was in need of a groom. Summer was approaching and she needed a ‘short’ do not a ‘scruff’ do.

The scruff do!

I had lost all trust in others after Gypsy’s attack and couldn’t even bring myself to trust a groomer to cut her hair (which is ridiculous because our groomers are wonderful and love taking care of Gypsy). Eventually I took her back after giving her a few terrible 'Mummy' haircuts, which resembled train tracks on her poor, beautiful coat!  Everytime I tried to correct my poor trims, it would result in more 'hacking'......the poor darling! 

What?! You aint ever seen a mullet before? 

Giving in to the fact I was not destined to be a dog groomer (though maybe if I enrolled in a Dog Diversity Grooming Course I could turn that around?!, I took her back to get her first groom post-operation. As she was taken by the groomer, I heard the words 'You can go now'.........Oh gosh I thought....I've become one of those Mums! How could I? I spend much time with parents of the sort as a teacher, gently encouraging them to assist in their child's independence and sensitively dealing with their separation anxieties ( I was one of those children once upon a time) and here now I was, with my furry child, facing my own reality as a parent who needed to let go and trust!

Rock'n'Roll Do! Woo!

We have decided to blog a list of groomers across Melbourne for fast reference though we understand groomers are like hairdressers and most would go off word-of-mouth reputation and/or recommendation. However, you may be new to Melbourne or to a suburb of Melbourne and want to try a new groomer so these leads may point you in the right direction. Please let us know if you have any great recommendations for groomers in the comments below so other readers may also use your great advice when deciding on a groomer.

Hop & Scotch Ph. (03) 9877 0044
Mostly Mutts Ph. (03) 9387 4504 
Whoopys Ph. (03) 9531 6060
Poochie Palace Ph. (03) 9376 7050   
Waggers Dog Grooming Boutique 
Ph. 0417 555 572
The Hair of the Dog Ph. (03) 9571 4451
James Home Services (mobile) Ph. 1800 152637

Jim's Dog Wash (mobile)  Ph.131 546
Count Dogulas Ph. (03) 9370 9019 
Murphy's Paw Ph. (03) 9646 5150
Laundry Mutt  Ph. (03) 9421 4950
Doggy Dooz Ph. (03) 9687 0299
Diggiddy Doggy Day Spa
Ph. (03) 9682 7297
Dog Chic Doggy Day Spa 
Ph. (03) 9826 4130
Hairy Hounds  
Ph. (03) 9397 8521

Alternatively, you may decide your talents are far greater than mine and groom your own dog. Poppet is a rescue dog, and slowly but surely she is more welcoming of human affection. Though usually it is on her terms. She enjoys being brushed, I can quickly clean her ears, though I still rely on the groomers to trim her nails as I don't trust myself. So I half-groom my own dog! 

Our friends @ Paws & Co have the goods to get you going in grooming! They stock the SEXY BEAST range of products which are 100% vegan, 100% safe and 100% sexy! I'm not sure I would ever call my pugs sexy LOL! But they are darn cute and if they smell beautiful after using a wonderful, safe product then even better!  

Hello Gorgeous Shampoo suds up your pup with its ultra rich, 100% plant based, super shine formula. It is Hypo-Allergenic and paraben-free with active organic lime & cherry extracts and chamomile oil. Sounds divine!

Breaking Hearts Conditioner is a rich and creamy treat which seals in moisture and detangles and softens their coat. Again it is Hypo-Allergenic, and imparts an illuminating sheen with active organic extracts. of ginkgo biloba, green tea, chamomile, lavendar, rosemary and aloe vera.

Any readers interested in trying the Sexy Beast Range can receive 10% of their first purchase from Paws & Co. Simply enter the password 'Gypsy' at checkout!

Lastly while we are on the topic of grooming, many Animal Rescue groups are always looking for Volunteers to assist them with such jobs like brushing coats so they don't matt etc. Every little bit counts. Get in touch with your local Animal Rescue Group to see if you can assist in some way. Pets love pampering in some form (some may not like the 'bath' bit but they definitely like the 'brush' bit!)

We thought we would finish with some extra-ordinary grooming examples. Wowsers!



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