Saturday, 28 July 2012

Cafe Sweethearts Encore & Gasworks Farmers Market.....

263 Coventry St 
South Melbourne, 3205
(03) 9690 6752

Sometimes we just can't resist revisiting our favourite cafes. Whilst there are many fabulous cafes on Coventry St, it is hard to go past Cafe Sweethearts. Today we combine  our visit with a post-brunch stroll to the Gasworks Farmers Market.

We're baaaaaack!

When we wrote our last blog post about Cafe Sweethearts, we were clearly going through our 'porridge phase'. The pugs would've been disappointed, as they are usually so excited to get a subtle slip of bacon or roesti!

please can I have a roesti?! please please please!

pick me! pick me! please & thank you! Whatever it takes!

You may have trouble deciding what to order, not because of lack of variety, but due to the ample, delicious brunch items available. There are pages alone dedicated to eggs. We have also been known to cross town for Sweetheart's herb polenta. Feeling hungry?  

My mouth is watering......

mmmm nom nom nom......

Eggs Mexican with a Roesti

Scrambled Eggs with Rocket & Parmesan & Roesti

Coffee is always superb here, we were originally recommended this cafe for their Genovese coffee way back in 2006. Whilst it has changed owners since then, we are pleased that the standard of coffee is still high and much of the original menu remains. Alongside the coffee, the extensive egg menu is what Cafe Sweethearts is well-known for! 

Our first blog post about Cafe Sweethearts can be viewed via this link:

Gasworks Farmers Market received the Outstanding Farmers Market Award at the 2012 Delicious Produce Awards. The annual award ceremony was held at Stokehouse, Brisbane and was hosted by culinary critic Matt Preston. The awards highlight small and artisan producers and a growing interest in sustainability, with nominations doubling this year to 2000.

The Gasworks Farmers Market is held at Gasworks Arts Park from 8:30-1pm on the third Saturday of each month. The remaining Farmers Market dates for 2012 can be found below:
Saturday 21 July
Saturday 18 August
Saturday 15 September
Saturday 20 October 
Saturday 17 November
Saturday 15 December
The market is plastic bag free and all packaging is as environmental responsible as possible so please bring your own trolleys, baskets or green bags :)

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  1. We have a Gasworks Park here in Seattle, Washington USA too. For a minute I thought you came to visit :)

  2. Nothing like a dog friendly foodables establishment.


  3. Oh that food does look good, we love reviewing eataries as well. On Saturday we did a post on one of your famous country men (Bob the Railway Dog) maybe you want to check it out

    urban hounds

  4. You have got me psyched about dropping by this lovely cafe. Your pooches are too adorable for words. It must be a struggle resisting their cute pug begging faces!!! :-)


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