Thursday, 19 July 2012

Pet-Friendly Retirement

My 90 year old Grandma is a trooper. She is enjoying her time at her nursing home, still cheeky with a wicked sense of humour. 

As I walked into her dining hall, I saw that dogs were visiting the nursing home as part of their recreational programs. It got me thinking about retirement (oh- to retire!) and what was available in terms of 'pet-friendly' retirement villages and homes. 

The pet policy and rules of a retirement villa will generally have been formulated having regard to the physical characteristics of the village and the appropriateness of having pets in the village. To the extent that pets are permitted at all, the size, temperament and audibility of the particular pet will be relevant.

Realising the importance of pets to prospective residents, some village operators may allow certain current pets to live in the village, but may not allow replacement pets should the current pet pass away or otherwise leave the village.

Villages may therefore fall into one of the following categories regarding pets:
  • no pets allowed under any circumstances
  • some pets allowed depending on their size, temperament and audibility
  • some current pets allowed (as above), but no replacement pets allowed
  • pets allowed generally
So, if your parents or Nan are planning to retire and have a pet, enquiring about the village pet policy and rules is one of the first enquiries they should make if they are planning on retiring with their pet. 

Senior Housing Online finds the perfect retirement property with the right combination of location, facilities and price. Here is the link to pet-friendly retirement housing in Melbourne. 

Kilara House in Diamond Creek considers resident pets. Further information including contact details can be found via this link:

Parkglen Retirement Community in Keysborough welcomes small pets in their retirement villas.

For those who don't have their own pets, but love pets, Eltham Retirement Centre has its own pets in both the low care and high care areas!

This article was written on the 30th of May on DPS News and is a worthwhile read about making aged care 'pet-friendly'. Raise further awareness and show your support by liking the article or leaving a comment.

The Wishbone Foundation is a registered Australian charity founded in 2002 to provide free pet care to elderly and disabled pet owners living at home, and pets as therapy to assisted living facilities and hospitals . Wishbone currently delivers foundation services in metropolitan Melbourne and some areas of country Victoria. Wishbone is based in the beautiful Pyrenees region of country Victoria, producing an Australian owned and made range of cruelty-free botanical pet care products. 100% of profits from every product sold supports the foundation. Wishbone also offers training, walking and holiday care to pet owners in north-east Victoria on a fee-for-service basis, from which 100% of profits also support the foundation.

It is our hope that the elderly never have to part with their beloved pets where possible. If they are in a position where they do need to move into high care, we hope their companion animal can be rehomed with another family member. Dogs are the most loyal and loving companions and will enrich the lives of many elderly.


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  1. fantastic information, thank you so much for taking the time to put this page together for concerned family member like us, again thankyou. phil n dee


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