Saturday, 21 July 2012

Footscray Milking Station

35 Bunbury St 
Footscray, 3011
03 90299240

Looking for a funky new dog~friendly cafe and deli in the West to try for brunch? Look no further.....

This place is buzzing on the word-of-mouth scene. We have driven past a few times with the pugs, though leaving our run too late for outside tables. On this particular day, we timed our brunch perfectly and seized an outside table with radiant warmth thanks to a well-positioned gas heater;)

Cute as a button on a chilly winter's morning ;)

The cafe is positioned on the junction of two wide, umbrageous streets. It feels local in every sense, yet it appears, crowds are flocking in from neighbouring suburbs (and no doubt foodies from all over town too) to make up their own mind about the newest kid on the Western 'burb block.

Super coffee. Nothing else really to say on the matter. Super. 

Ricotta Crepes

The crepes were insanely delectable. A lovely petite serve ~ savour every mouthful as the flavours are original and had us guessing every fork full;) Mint and maple married with ricotta, pecans and blueberries. Wow!

Baked Eggs

Take note of the begging paw......

Notice the hash brown with the baked eggs? Hash browns induce begging. Cute, sad, 'please just a little bit' eyes and the begging paw. Least they have doggy manners!

After brunch, we all cruised over to the park for a run. Check out the monster shadows!

muddy puddle paw planking. beat that ;)


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