Saturday, 5 November 2011

Amma's Kitchen ~ Collingwood

Amma's Kitchen
Collingwood Neighbourhood House
253 Hoddle St
Collingwood 3066
03 9417 4856

Children, love the poor wholeheartedly. Go to their level. Believe that it is your dharma, your God-given duty to love and serve the poor. No matter how rich we are, as long as we are not prepared to be compassionate towards the poor, we are truly living in utter poverty. -Amma

Amma is a humanitarian spiritual leader. Her charitable projects to love and serve people in need are global. 
Gypsy loves Amma

If you know someone in the Collingwood area who is in need of a free meal,  please inform them of Amma's Melbourne Kitchen.  

On the first Saturday of every month, volunteers from Amma's Humanitarian Activities will prepare and serve a beautiful vegetarian meal for lunch from 12:30pm

photo courtesy of Amma Australian Ashram

Further information including translated brochures is available from the Collingwood Neighbourhood House.

Collingwood Neighbourhood House

If you know of any wonderful charitable projects happening in your area and would like Gypsy to spread the word, please let us know ;-)

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