Sunday, 27 November 2011

Foo Fighters!

The Foo Fighters have arrived in Australia for stadium shows,
 and this Friday and Saturday will play AAMI Park! Woo!

Gypsy, being the coolest one-eyed pugX there is, must blog the arrival of the coolest rock band she knows. Welcome FOO!

Knowing their sense of humour, we have created this video with equal parts sarcasm, humour and fun. These are the qualities, that enhance the brilliant music the Foo Fighters create. If you haven't seen their documentary 'Back and Forth' then definitely make a point of watching it. What an amazing insight to who they are, the journey of the band and their extended 'Foo Family'. 
Dave's daughter makes the cutest cameo ;-)

Speaking of cameos ;-)

Thanks to JibJab for their awesome holiday videos!
Check them out & make your own!

Gypsy is ridiculously excited. The new album has basically been on repeat since release!

Running times:

AAMI Park, Melbourne
Doors: 4pm (GA field tix)
            4.30pm (Res Seat tix)
Local Opener: 6pm - 6.15pm
F**ked Up: 6.25pm - 6.55pm
Tenacious D: 7.10pm - 7.55pm
Foo Fighters: 8.20 - 10.50pm

Limited tickets are still available for their second show. 


  1. Hey, nice Blog!

    I´m new follower from Super Stalker Sunday.

  2. Mom absolutely loves the Foo too!


  3. Thanks for joining Magical Monday Blog Hop ~ Loveable dog ~ Hope she doesn't have to wear the neck thing anymore ~ enjoy Melbourne ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  4. Hi there,

    Great to meet you through the Monday Mischief Blog Hop! :)

    My Mum says she likes your taste - she saw the Foo Fighters in concert in London - I haven't seen them in concert! :( I loved your video though - it made me wag! :)

    Have a fun day,

    Your new pal Snoopy :)

  5. Hey Gypsy!! Thanks for the cute Christmas card!! We just came and visited your blog for the first time and really like what's going on! We're your newest followers :-)

    -Bart and Ruby


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