Sunday, 27 November 2011

Suzuki Night Market

Queen Victoria Market
Cnr Elizabeth Street and Victoria Street
Melbourne 3000
(03) 9320 5822

The Suzuki Night Market is a summer tradition. It attracts over 200 stall holders and blends together beautifully a mix of locally-made jewellery & clothing, hawker style food, bars and live music.

Make sure you  swing on over to the buzz of these markets one Wednesday before February 29, 2012 (excluding 28/12). The market runs from 5:30pm-10:00pm at the Queen Victoria Market.
Live music always sets the vibe of the market. Gypsy is very excited about next week's line up. Ganga Giri, Noriko Tadano and George Kamikawa and La Mauvaise Reputation are all playing. The later sound particularly enchanting, their sound described as  joyous and infections, the rhythms that will make you dance, and the melodies are plucked out of the heart of old Europe. The repertoire is performed in French, staying true to the beautiful French music of the 20s, 30s & 40s.

* NOTE dogs are not allowed at the Night Markets. Gypsy has attended the normal Queen Victoria Markets in the past, as there is a pet store in the centre ~ but the Night Markets are a different set up - with security and licensed areas etc. 


  1. I stumbled upon this post when I was trying to look up to see if I could bring my dog, Lycan to the Suzuki Night Market. This is such an amazing blog as you make it easier for pet lovers such as myself. Lycan says thank you too (otherwise, he'd be stuck at home).

  2. Hi Beanierin!
    We actually went tonight! Dogs are not allowed :(

    Gypsy actually went for her favourite 'urban' walk through the city so she was happy to just be outside the railing of the market and we were right on the other side of it enjoying the music and food. If you wanted to browse the inside of the markets though, it wouldn't be practical with puppy coming along :(

    Welcome to the blog ;-)


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