Sunday, 20 November 2011

Pig vs Pug

Gypsy had a lovely day at home enjoying the beautiful weather Melbourne has to offer us of late. She had a little play in her puddle pool and spent most of the day outside basking in the sun.

Her favourite part of today was getting a present from her Nanny ~ a toy pig that snorts just like her!

It was hilarious watching her discover this new toy! We love that it's not a typical squeaky toy ~ this pig has as much personality as Gypsy!

PIG vs PUG. We think Pig 1. Pug O. We are sure this will change though!

Gypsy hopes you are enjoying this warm weather as much as she is!


  1. That pig has some moves! Like totally bounced up and tried to attack you! Be brave. You have some moves of your own and that pig will have to give in eventually.


  2. Love it. Am sure it will even up after a few more rounds.

  3. You can take on that pig!

    Stop on by for a visit


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