Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hellenic Republic ~ Brunswick East


Gypsy can only dream about Hellenic Republic, but to make things dog~ friendly, we decided to visit the Greek Taverna in Brunswick East to inspire us to cook from George Calombaris' recipe book 'Greek Cookery from the Hellenic Heart'. That way, we are motivated to try new dishes at home and Gypsy definitely gets her own tasting plate.

As quoted from their webpage 'This is a busy and bustling restaurant, it is noisy and brash and very Greek'. This is an authentic statement! There was constant movement and credit must be paid to the brilliant floor staff who were literally 'running' from table to table to ensure each patron received a personalised service.

Now to the food.....!

Our photos should speak for themselves ;-)

Tyri saganaki 
- Kefalograviera with peppered figs-
(The Tzatziki in the background definitely deserves a mention. It was superb!)

Grilled Octopus
 - very tender and a table favourite -

- sweet corn, spiced butter, smoked almonds, kefalograviera -

-white anchovies with roast capsicum, tomato, garlic toast -

Kipriaki Salata Dimitriakon 
- Cypriot salad of grains, pulses and nuts -

Melitzana Papoutsakia 
- baked eggplant, yoghurt, garlic, chilli -

Arni sto fourno 
- slow roasted shoulder of lamb, garlic, oregano -

- Hellenic donuts, local honey, walnuts, cinnamon -

Hellenic mess 
- rose water meringue, orange blossom jelly, vanilla crema, strawberry ouzo sauce -

Gypsy will await her home delights. 
Be inspired! Go and check out Hellenic Republic for yourself ;-)


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