Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas is......spending time with family

Gypsy is enjoying her holiday. While her blog is a source of information for dog lovers who like to take their dogs with them in and around Melbourne, it is also a blog to highlight the beautiful Gypsy, who inspires us, makes us laugh and shows us as much love as we offer her!

If you are not a dog lover yourself, it may be hard to comprehend how people can become so consumed by their four-legged companions. To people like us, they are part of the family and a source of great company. They are loyal and intuitive. Cheeky and entertaining. You will never feel alone with a dog in your life. Though greetings may not always be cliche at home (often we can come home to Gypsy with her head dipped, tail between the legs which communicates 'I didn't like the colours of that decorative cushion you bought Mum so I destroyed it'........ but nevertheless, they are mostly just so excited and thrilled to be in your presence. To have your time and love.

Gypsy's blog is a lovely way to share with family, friends, new dog owners, other dog bloggers, dog lovers and adventurous souls in Melbourne how Gypsy has enhanced our lives. And how we can enhance hers, by including her in our busy lives. She has many interactions with dogs and people each week, from controlled socialisation at her new local dog park to cafe stops, urban dog walks etc She even experienced her first Carols by Candlelight in the park this year! If Gypsy can be included in our outings, she will be!

This time of year is all about family. Christmas is a very important time for us to spend with our loved ones, including the four-legged members! It is not about where we are, but who we are with. Later this week we will also celebrate her 1st birthday! Another excuse to have fun with the family, and be all together. Gypsy doesn't mind being the reason, she loves being surrounded by a loving, committed and extended family.

It is our hope those considering bringing a dog into their lives understand the commitment and time it involves in training and caring for a dog. We have spent much time with Gypsy, and early in 2012 she will join a new behaviour training course for re-inforcement. We see this as an investment into all the good times we will spend with her! She is an intelligent and beautiful dog. We can't use the catchphrase 'she is only human', but dogs alike do make mistakes, or get resentful when you do have to leave them etc. It has been a learning curve understanding her needs and providing her with enough stimulus while we are at work ~ and timing her walks and interactions with dogs/ people to ensure she is a happy dog. 

Gypsy will return to blogging about her adventures in Melbourne soon. For now, she is enjoying the most important thing in her world. Her family.

Blessings to everyone for a safe, happy and healthy festive season!

Gypsy & Co ;-)

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