Thursday, 15 December 2011

Fat Helen's & Oscar's Law

78 Chapel St
Windsor 3181
ph (03) 9510 2244

We stopped by Fat Helen's as we saw the Oscar's Law items in the window. Gypsy had asked Santa for an Oscar's Law bandana, but we decided to get her an early Xmas present.....

Fat Helen's is a treasure trove full of kitschy love. Had our stomachs not been growling, we could've spent all afternoon in there discovering new things hiding in the store! It had a fun vibe with a wonderful & helpful retail assistant. 
Gypsy is a total fan ;-)

Oscar's Law aims to: Abolish the factory farming of companion animals, ban the sale of factory farmed companion animals from pet shops, online and in print media and insist the government run a proper campaign on responsible pet ownership.

If you would like to be a voice that counts, head on over to one of Oscar's pages and support this wonderful cause.

Gypsy has many shelter rescue links on the side panel to the right of this post. They are always there should you be considering having a dog in your life, or adding to the family!
We encourage you to educate yourself about first buying and then, owning a dog. While it is a huge commitment, the love you give and receive is priceless.

The one-eyed (cute!) bandits spreading the word about Oscar's Law.....

As Christmas is approaching, we felt it a good time to spread awareness about Oscar's Law. Educate yourself should you be wanting to introduce a dog into your family this Christmas. Help a beautiful dog in need of your love or buy from a reputable and registered breeder. 

Gypsy wants OSCAR'S LAW!


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