Saturday, 17 December 2011

# Love you Molly

Gypsy sends her prayers and thoughts and hugs to the one and only Molly Meldrum. The 'Music Guru' of Australia, based in Melbourne, is critically ill in hospital after a fall at his home. 

He broke several ribs, punctured a lung and cracked the back of his head which led to bleeding on his brain and was put into an induced coma before being taken to The Alfred hospital, Melbourne.
He underwent surgery late last night to relieve pressure on his brain and remains in a critical condition.

Tributes and prayers have flooded in from all around the country and world. His brother commented that Molly is rarely overwhelmed, but this show of love would most certainly overwhelm him! 

Molly is a dog lover, calling his companion dogs over the years the same (fabulous!) name 'Ziggy'. 

While we are pouring love to our Molly, we are going to mention another Molly who needs someone's love and care. This is Molly from The Lost Dog's Home (Campaspe). She is looking for a new 'forever' home.

Miss Molly is a Labrador cross breed. Full of energy and a great thirst for life, Molly will keep you entertained for hours on end. Molly loves to play and run and needs an owner who can give her lots to do. Twice daily walks/runs, obedience training and plenty of toys are essential if Molly is not to become bored and destructive.  She will also require a home with a roomy back yard and secure high fences to help keep her safe and happy.  Currently carrying a little extra weight around her middle Molly needs to be placed on to a light diet to help her loose some weight, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Labradors are well known for their zest for life and make loyal companions.

Molly Meldrum visited The Lost Dog's Home during the Christmas season of 2006 when one of his beloved Ziggy's disappeared from his home in Richmond. 

Christmas in 2006 had a happy, positive outcome for Molly and Ziggy. We are hoping and praying Molly and Ziggy 4 are reunited again very soon and Molly returns to full health after some much needed rest.

Gypsy ringing Ziggy to check how Molly is going.....
Gypsy ;-) xx



  1. My fingers are crossed for Molly and Gypsy. I also hope that the other Molly finds a loving forever home soon! She looks like such a sweetie.

  2. Oh my! Sending love and healing vibes as well. How sad! Found you via Super Stalker Sunday! I know follow you :) Love your blog background by the way, very cool

  3. Stopping by via the sunday hop - from the other side of the planet :) Vancouver Island BC Canada.

  4. Hi, I am your new follower via BBL Sunday Blog Hop


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