Monday, 5 December 2011

Duchess of Spotswood

 87 Hudsons Rd
Spotswood 3015

03 9391 6016

Round 1 of coffee.
 Let's talk coffee. Usually content with one coffee accompanying breakfast, this was not the case for us at this amazing little Inner- West cafe. The coffee was so good we ordered yet another after our delightful breakfast. Though we were recommended this cafe for it's modern English breakfast menu, we must first highlight the great coffee which welcomed us to the Duchess of Spotswood. We now have two reasons to return for a lazy Sunday brunch. 

The Duchess has a large bench table out the front perfect for dog-owners and groups. On this particular outing, Gypsy met two other dogs and lots of dog-friendly visitors and the staff who were also absolutely fantastic with service. 
Gypsy loving her visit to the Duchess of Spotswood
Onto our exquisite meals, which was superior to any other local breakfast we have tried. The prices are slightly above other local spots too, however this was completely overlooked due to the wonderful experience of our brunch. Wonderful service, outstanding food and brilliant coffee. Worth the extra few gold coins and certainly worth the drive to Spotswood!

Simple Pleasures
 Sensational combination of broad beans, asparagus, baby radish, herbs and goats curd with sourdough toast and poached eggs.

Breakfast of Champignons
Potato and barley hash with field mushrooms, English Stilton & poached eggs. 

Coffee round 2

The Queen @ The Duchess!

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  2. Wow - that definitely looks and sounds like it's worth the extra gold coins. Hard to find a place that not only has excellent food, but excellent coffee and service as well! :)

    Congrats on being the featured blogger at Mom Blogger Monday - nice to 'meet' you! :) I'm your newest follower.

    Christmas Don’t Be Late for the fun Up On The Housetop and the Ringing Of The Bells

  3. What a uniquely wonderful inspirational angle from which to start a blog! I'm following you from Mom Blog Monday! I love your layout!

  4. What a sweet pup! Are you posting from Melbourne, FL? I've been in that area a lot as my grandmother lives not too far from there. This cafe looks delicious. I'm a new follower from the Mom Monday Blog Hop! - Amy

  5. Hi there! I'm a new follower from the Monday blog hop! Congratulations on being the featured blogger! I love your site design--so colorful!

    Those coffee pictures look absolutely AMAZING... I love it when they make little designs in the foam! I think I may have to swing by a coffee shop on my way home from dropping my son off at preschool... hmmmm... yum yum!

    Anyway, it's nice to meet you and I'm following! I write a humor blog about all things motherhood, and I hope you can drop in sometime! It's great for laughs, and sometimes even a snort or two! Hope to see you there sometime!

    Have a great day!

    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

  6. Wow, that looks delicious!!

    And what was on the Doggy menu ? Or was it the same?! Tee Hee

    Have a fun day buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  7. All those pictures are making me crave some good coffee! Great Post!

    Following you from Mom Blog Monday Hop!
    Amanda @ MomOnReview

  8. Hi Gypsy - following from the Monday Moms Blog Hop and would like to invite you to visit me at and follow me back! Have a great week, Nina @ mamas*little*treasures


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