Friday, 28 October 2011

ERINBANK crafts & gifts

196 Bellair Street
Kensington VIC 3031
(03) 9376 8022

This little gem in Kensington is full of gift options! If you are looking for the perfect gift you will not leave empty handed from this gorgeous store full of treasures. Beautiful scarves, unique wall hangings and furnishings, creative jewellery pieces and other accessories are randomly spread across the space in a way that entices you to 'discover' lovely things! It is truly a wonderful shopping experience! 
Gypsy was not happy waiting outside! She kept sneaking into the front door, drawn in by the beautiful smells! Must of been some of the wonderful handmade soaps available inside!
There are some funky gift cards also, that play on places in Melbourne like train stations etc. There is an air of vintage throughout the store also, from cards to bags to journals. 
Gypsy was very pleased with the selection made for our good friend's birthday!



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