Thursday, 13 October 2011

Moroccan Soup Bar's Famous Chickpeas!

Moroccan Soup Bar
183 St Georges Rd
Fitzroy North 3068
(03) 9482 4240 

 These photos are courtesy of www.

It is always a mad dash to the Moroccan Soup Bar as they do not take bookings. You will almost surely see a line up from the door making its way down the street when you drive down St Georges Rd any evening around 5:45pm! The positive is though, if you miss the first sitting there is a cute bar beside it called 'Monkey Bar' where you can have a lovely vino and wait for the next sitting. 

One of the most humble, yet amazing dishes is the 'Moroccan Chickpea Bake'. As Gypsy loves Chickpeas, she is a fan of the homemade replica dish. Never as good as the Moroccan Soup Bar's, but is good to eat between visits! Check out her crazy 'I love Chickpea eyes'.....oops 'EYE' !!!!!!!!!!!

Gypsy getting impatient waiting for her homemade chickpea bake!

Homemade Version #1
Homemade Version #2


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  1. we love chickpeas!!! I use them alot when making lebonese food :)

  2. gypsy Ju
    I'm so glad all that waiting was finally wewawded! That Chikpea bake looks delicious
    smoochie kisses

  3. The first time I had that Chickpea bake I was in heaven. What recipe did you use for the second version? Would love to replicate it at home.

  4. Hi Lisa!
    We are still trying to perfect it but we are getting closer!~

    We used this recipe but replaced the oil with butter as the oil didn't taste right. We asked one of the regular ladies @ the Soup Bar next time we visited & she confirmed to use butter!

    We will publish our own recipe we finally are happy with it. Enjoy experimenting!


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