Thursday, 20 October 2011

Rio Red & Black Carnival Party

Saturday October 22
Hi-Fi Bar
125 Swanston St, Melbourne

Gypsy has beautiful friends from Brazil. And what is not to love about colourful costumes, world music and dancing?!

The annual RIO, RED & BLACK CARNIVAL PARTY is Australia’s hottest Brazilian Carnival event (since 1993).
Featuring MelSamba (Australia's Premier Samba Band) ~ who featured on Australia's Got Talent!

This special Red & Black will also feature the electrifying Salvador Street Carnival. Be part of a 200-strong group who will dance groovy Salvador carnival choreography under the direction of the amazing Dany Maia!!
Admission ($20 pre/$25 at door) includes a Complimentary Brazilian Dance Class at 8pm, just before the event kicks-off!!  

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