Saturday, 22 October 2011

Spinifex ~ Kensington

192 Bellair St
ph 03 9372 2285

Gypsy had a lovely brunch at Spinifex in Kensington! The friendly staff were quick to respond to us all sitting down. The lovely thing was they greeted Gypsy first! 
Then straight to coffee orders. 

Just before placing orders, a to-die-for Hot Chocolate arrived on a table nearby. It swayed us to request Mochas. A fabulous decision!
Gypsy met a new friend, Princess and they were enchanted by each other, as were we watching them together! The staff were so dog-friendly which made our brunch even more enjoyable. 

Our Rosti Breakfast arrived shortly after we finished our coffees. A gorgeous breakfast, with some of our favourite elements ~ asparagus, tomato relish, roasted peppered tomatoes and a light rosti stack topped with poached eggs & hollandaise. YUM!

Gypsy definitely recommends Spinifex to other dogs and their hungry, hip owners!


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  1. Isn't it lovely bringing your pup to brunch?

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. found you on the hop! you win the proze for courage and color! your blog is beautiful!

  3. Gypsy is so lucky!!!Lulu is on a diet :(

  4. Gypsy you are sure cute, its a lovely blog. Our burssels griff Zira is having some eye issues of her own. Maybe she can see your blog as inspiration

  5. Yummy! And of course us dogs should be greeted first, we are much cuter than humans after all ;)

    yuki and rocket

  6. Wow! You got to go into a restaurant? I have never done that before! I am so envious!

  7. sunday brunch is the best :)


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