Thursday, 20 October 2011

Gypsy's Showbag

Gypsy missed out on going to The Royal Melbourne Show, because she was recovering from eye surgery. So we made up her own showbag.  She got a new Space Invaders leash, a purple harness (on its way from America) and a selection of her favourite treats.
 Gypsy has been such a resilient, happy pup despite having an eye the size of a golf ball, stitches, a Tudor bucket to wear and then losing her eye permanently. Within hours of surgery, she was back to her beautiful, cheery self. 

This post is just for our puppy girl, who we adore because she teaches us to be better people. We both wonder what life was like before Gypsy. Did we appreciate the small things as much? Did we sit on the back porch in the patch of sunshine and smile in the moment? Did we laugh deep between the ribs? 

Gypsy, we love you for showing us what is important in life. And when life steals an eye from you (when life gets tough), just keep on moving with a smile. and a snort. 


  1. Hi Gypsy Ju
    You made your OWN GOODIE BAG!!!! I Gotsta tell my Mommy to do that for me!!! OMD I can hardly stand the excitement.
    Love Noodles

  2. Hey there Gypsy,

    Fanks for coming by & visiting my blog. :)
    Man I am jealous now when I see all those nom noms what your hu-mans got you.

    Tail wags from across the sea
    your Kiwi pal


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