Sunday, 17 June 2012

Miss Marmalade & Gilpin Park

Upon recommendation, we ventured to Brunswick to sample the delights of 'Miss Marmalade'. Stating on their website that dogs are always welcome on the terrace, we felt relaxed knowing we were visiting a dog-lovers cafe! We were reassured when we saw three other dogs brunching with their owners. It is wonderful to see so many people out and about with their dogs on the weekend. Doggy brunching is trending ;)

Drinks arrived promptly. We had a case of envy when we saw the Bloody Mary menu after we had ordered. One arrived at a nearby table and looked amazing!

Gypsy and Poppet were brunch dating with their cousin Rufi today. 
Here is Rufi getting a kiss on both cheeks from the pugs.

Rufi in a pug sandwich!

The breakfast menu was fantastic. So many choices and we love a cafe that put a twist on staple breakfast items. Like pancakes. 

Wait for it.....Gingerbread hotcakes with poached fruit, Tahitian vanilla bean and maple mascarpone and chopped pistachios! 

The only negative in ordering something this decadent is if the pugs catch a glimpse of it first......then eating becomes a sport of not giving in to guilty eyes that cry 'please, please, please'.....

We are sure we read pancakes on the Doggy Menu!!??

Is any of that for me?

The other menu choice that was popular on our table was Jacks cheddar on organic sour dough with vine ripened tomatoes and rosemary with a hash brown and bacon.

View the breakfast menu here:

Or better still, head on over there for brunch today! ;)

Gilpin Park

Albert St,

Rufi showed us one of the many off-leash dog parks in Brunswick. Gilpin Park is close to Miss Marmalade and a lovely haven for dogs and their owners surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Brunswick. There is nothing manicured about this park, it felt more like we were in bushland and for dogs who love exploring, what more could you want?!

Gypsy and Rufi playing fetch. 

For the humans, there were wide walking tracks, but we have been blessed with sunshine over the past few days in Melbourne, so the grass wasn't too wet and we enjoyed the 'discovery trail' just as much as the girls did. If your dog loves puddles though, be prepared!  There are plenty here! Mud baths for dogs! Gypsy loves planking. In puddles. It's her sport. As you can see below, Poppet hates getting her paws wet. She will crazy yoga style reach over water to not get her paws wet. Bless her heart.

There is a dog waterbowl on the walking track. We only spotted this one but the park is small enough that you reach the waterbowl on a quick ten minute lap.

Poppet met another pug called Murphy. Pug kisses. Aw! For Pug-lovers, Murphy's Mum informed us that there are five pugs in the area that regularly visit the park. 

Here are a list of other off-leash parks in Brunswick, as noted on the Moreland City Council webpage. Check your council webpages for further information and advice on visiting off-leash parks.

  • A G Gillon Oval, Hope Street. Melways 29 E6
  • Balfe Park, John Street.  Melways 30 A9
  • Clifton Park, Victoria Street. Melways 29 E7
  • Fleming Park, Victoria Street. Melways 30 A8
  • Methven Park, Methven Street. Melways 29 K8
  • Reaburn Reserve, Pearson Street. Melways 29 E7
  • Roberts Reserve, Harrison Street. Melways 30 B6

  • Another day, another brunch and park visit. 
    Tough life being a pampered pug!


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