Tuesday, 12 June 2012

We are the Sweetest Dogs...really!.....BRUNETTI!

194-204 Faraday St
Carlton Vic 3053
(03) 9347 2801


214 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9663 8085

Off we go to Brunetti Carlton. Yum Yum Yum!

Brunetti is an institution. Any sweet tooth in Melbourne needs to pay a visit. 

Brunetti Carlton

Brunetti City Square

We have visited the City Square cafe and the Carlton cafe with the dogs. Both have large alfresco areas and heaters. The City Square heaters are so warm you feel like you are sitting indoors which is a bonus over the cold winter months!

Whatever your guilty pleasures are we are sure Brunettis will provide!

The novelty of strolling a Brunetti counter, taking in all the desserts on offer, never wears off. If you are indecisive, go for the minitures and select 2-3 to try. You will not be disappointed!

Please please please!! You can't be serious? 
You are going to eat them all by yourselves?

Oh. Sad face.
You were serious. 

Their affogatos are something special & top off the dessert experience if you can handle another hit of cream & sugar & ice cream. YUM!

The affogato. All we can say is WOW ;)

There is no table service, so BYO water for the dogs. If you decide to visit the Carlton cafe you could always take your dogs for a stroll down Lygon St afterwards as some cafes along the strip have water bowls out the front. 

This is only half the counter at Brunetti Carlton!

Both Brunetti Carlton and City Square are always bustling with lots of people constantly walking by. Gypsy and Poppet love all the stimulus! They were so well behaved and we are so lucky to have dogs with social etiquette. They happily chill near our table and look forward to all the pats that come their way by the new people they meet.

The pugs people watching ;)

What are your favourite desserts? Gypsy loves raspberries & carob. Poppet loves waiting for cake crumbles to fall! ;-)

Right.....off to the park to run all these calories off.....the humans might have to do extra laps around the oval with the pugs!

News Update! Brunetti café is moving back to its original home and will be located at 380 Lygon Street, Carlton sometime in 2012. We will be sure to check if the new premises are dog~ friendly!


Brunetti on Urbanspoon
Brunetti on Urbanspoon 


  1. Hey Gyps hey Poppet, thanks for the update and the photos. Ninia and Rufi say hi and asked me to ask you to ask your parents when can we have another play date. They miss you xxxxx

  2. How beautiful is this little life of yours? And those pooches-- too sweet.

    Thanks for joining us for The ALOHA Friday HOP! I so love that you are with us and that that means I get to visit you here. =)

    I'm hosting the littlest of little link ups today if you're up for a quiet evening with friends and a giveaway...


  3. .,oh that looks delicious... I'm craving for it....lol

    Happy Thursday...stopped for a visit..

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    Pet Solutions.com

  4. Holy scrumptiousness! At least we got to look at the treats, right sweet pups? :)

    Happy seeing beautiful!


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