Friday, 8 June 2012

Nemo helps us write blog post #99.......

Nemo is currently the 99th dog listed on Pet Rescue and has inspired our 99th post today. Nemo is a small male Cavalier x Beagle who is 2 years old.  He is available for adoption from Wodonga Dog Rescue.

We encourage you to look at his full profile on Pet Rescue ( or Wodonga Dog Rescue ( and share with your dog-loving friends and those uneducated and unaware considering purchasing a 'designer dog'. This term really frustrates us. Dogs should not be a commodity. Too many of these dogs have ended up in shelters and rescue organisations. Dogs are gorgeous companions, requiring love, training and your time (and money). They are not gorgeous accessories to be dumped or surrendered after the novelty of new has worn off.  Many of our blog readers know this and we may be preaching to the converted, but it is up to us, those who are passionate about animal welfare to spread this awareness far and beyond our circles so that we can inform people of the commitment a dog requires and the ethical ways to find a new companion.
When we started this blog last September, we looked online for 'dog people' to share our experiences with. Through Facebook and google searches, we stumbled upon many Rescue Groups in Melbourne. Initially visiting Facebook pages wanting to share our blog, we discovered in return they all collectively shared so much information back with us. Through reading about the work they do and visiting links they have on their own pages, we were educated about puppy mills and backyard breeding on a deeper level and understand the amazing commitment these organisations full of volunteers have to giving a companion animal (and in Edgar's case ~ a farm animal!) a new beginning. We feel so passionate about what we've learnt and want to spread the word about these groups and campaigns - one google search click, facebook link and random visit at a time. In a perfect world, someone searching for a 'designer dog' like Nemo who is a Cavalier x Beagle, by fate will end up on a Rescue Group page, a campaign page such as Oscar's Law, a reputable breeder of a full breed who will inform them of ethical breeding practices or our page instead of a puppy farm's webpage. We will have Oscar's Law and we will change the world for these animals.

If you would like to support the Wodonga Dog Rescue, they are in need of the following items and volunteers can pick them up if you were unable to transport/post them yourself.

- dog blankets
- cat blankets
- dog beds
- cat beds
- heated pet beds
- dog coats/jackets
- cat houses 

You can also make a donation online. Information is available via this facebook link ( or alternatively you can contact Wodonga Dog Rescue (we have put web links below).

For more information on Wodonga Dog Rescue, please visit the following links:


  1. As a volunteer of WDR, This warmed my heart to read (in regards to Nemo), yet it saddens me as it never ends. So many of of the unclaimed and surrendered dogs we save are (and yes there is no denying a lot are mixes) pure breeds or "designer" breeds. Nemo is one of the many designer breeds, and currently we also have a Pug x Chihuahua, now known as the glorified "Chug".......... [some] people are horrible, and animals are always the victims sadly......

  2. We agree. It is a sad reality. We want to celebrate the good people - the volunteers and those campaigning to change people's perspectives. One person at a time. There will always be those horrible people - they impact on all of us, especially the darling animals. We wouldn't give up our dogs for anybody or anything. They are our family. If we need to relocate, it is dictated by our dogs. Guarantee we would still all be happy because we have each other. If they shed hair, we sweep it up. When we adopted Poppet we thought it was laughable that people actually surrender pugs because they shed so much hair. But it's a reality and no laughing matter. What we think is a ridiculous reason is a real justification for others. Even after helping some people find specific breeds in rescues, they still opt to find the nicest designer dog breeder they can. It is heartbreaking. All we can do is spread as much awareness as possible and hope that we do reach out and change one person's mind. We will campaign online and in the public, armed with Oscar's Law postcards, stickers and singlets. Thanks for your contribution to our blog and please let us know if you have any fundraisers coming up, we will gladly post and spread the word ;)


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