Sunday, 24 June 2012

YAP WEAR ~ Albert Park

9 Victoria Avenue
Albert Park 3206
(03) 9696 7474

Helloooooo Jen! Mimi! We're baaaaack!

After a delightful brunch in Bridport St, Albert Park ~ we stroll down to YAP WEAR to visit our friends Jen & Mimi. For those enough lucky to be within driving distance of Albert Park, you must visit the 'Pop-up Shop' to meet Jen & Mimi and view their range of amazing coats and accessories. 

Poppet out the front of YAP WEAR 'Pop-Up Shop'

Alternatively you can visit YAP WEAR online ( or see some real life happy customers on the YAP WEAR Facebook page ( 

YAP WEAR Dogcoats was launched in Melbourne in 1999. Proudly all YAP WEAR Dogcoats are made in Australia with as much Australian content as possible, reducing their carbon footprint. 

YAP WEAR's reputation has been built on quality, style and service. YAP WEAR  Dogcoats are known for their bright colours, interesting fabrics and hip reflective trims. Having pugs, due to their top heavy builds, sizing can be an issue and many coats don't cater for their beautiful unique body types! After visiting YAP WEAR, the girls were spoilt rotten with gourmet treats before being measured up for their coats to ensure best fit! What customer service! 

Gypsy doesn't stop smiling in the 'Pop-Up Store' ~ it is her little happy place. Poppet's wagging tail tells the same story, though she does get jealous of the pug who stares her down in the wall mirror ;)

The 'Pop-Up Shop' is open most Fridays through to Sundays but be sure to check the YAP WEAR webpages for updates on opening times. Jen also takes the opportunity in meeting customers in her shop to spread the word about Animal Welfare campaigns such as 'Oscar's Law' and 'Where do Puppies Come From?' as well as supporting rescue groups such as 'Saffron on the Hill' and 'Pets Haven Pro Life Shelter'. 

Saffron on the Hill collars for sale in YAP WEAR 'Pop-Up Shop'

We took some more stickers to put on our travel crates ~ they are covered with animal welfare awareness stickers. Hopefully the Qantas baggage handlers look up Oscar's Law and Puppy Mills and learn something new while spoiling our pugs in transition between their two favourite cities! Thanks Jen for our 2 new stickers!

If you are looking for a lovely Saturday (or Sunday!) plan with your dogs ~ head over to Albert Park ~ grab yourself a fabulous coffee & brunch in the Bridport St region then drop into YAP WEAR. Humans happy....tick......Pugs happy......double tick!
Hey Guys!!! 'Pop-Up Shop' is open! This way!



  1. Oh, the collars are so cute. Makes my pup's collar dull in comparison. Sadly, my pup Evie isn't into dog clothes. What a shame because Yap Wear is super cute.
    By the way, Evie is such a fan of your blog and has given you a Beautiful Blogger award. Congrats :)

  2. Those are some terrific clothes! Awesome fashion show

    urban hounds

  3. Thanks Evie!
    The collars support our favourite Dog Rescue 'Saffron on the Hill'. All profits from sales go directly to supporting the rehabilitation and rehoming of ex mill/ farm dogs. You should definitely check out their collars- there are so many cool ribbons to choose from! Here is their facebook link- and the ribbon range is in their photo albums.

    Happy days ;)


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