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100th Post! Four-Legged Fun in Fitzroy!

Our 100th post will feature Fitzroy, the cultural hub of Melbourne. The thing we love about Fitzroy is that it is unpretentious and people and dogs from all walks of life feel welcome and happy here. It's where the bohemians roam free and the trendsetters find what's trendy. We love visiting Fitzroy with our dogs and meeting a diverse group of locals and visitors who gather here for the same reasons we do no doubt. It makes them happy ;)

The girls exploring Brunswick St, Fitzroy
When you get a chance, follow this link and check out the awesome street view panoramic style photograph (apologies to our creative photography friends for lack of lingo!) of Brunswick St. You can scroll across to view the street (click on odd/ even to change sides of the road). It is so realistic!

Madame Sousou

231 Brunswick St
ph 9417 0400

Brunch is at the oh-so-Frenchy Madame Sousou. We love the European flavour of this place, the chairs in the alfresco area neatly placed side by side, facing outwards. With light rain, there was a good covering and both humans and dogs stayed dry whilst enjoying the people and pug watching ;) The girls may have sampled the double smoked bacon and delighted in meeting the many passers-by!

Perfect coffee looking out at trams passing by - wonderful Melbourne!

European style seating 

Oh! Is that Latte for me?!

Spanish Omelette

Sousou Breakfast

Sampling the double smoked bacon...nom nom nom!

Rose St Market

After brunch, we decide to roam Brunswick St, we are stopped along the way by children, a nan and the gorgeous man affectionately known as the 'market man' who sits on the corner of Brunswick and Rose St and encourages pedestrians to wander up to Rose St Markets. We did just that, admiring the street art along the way. The markets are a mix or indoors and outdoors so your dog(s) would only be able to visit the stalls in the courtyard area. 

Check out the awesome street art in Rose St!

Rose St Market, as featured on Coxy's Big Break

A taste of the artist stalls at Rose St Markets

When we returned to Brunswick St, the girls again said hello to the 'Market Man' who then quickly went inside the store 'Rich' and returned with liver treats for the girls! The girls in Rich were incredibly down to earth and loved the dogs stopping in for a quick hello and pat. Then we were off on our way again. 

Brunswick St is the perfect place to roam with your dogs, especially on a wet day when the park is not an option. The girls had fun meeting new people and dogs and just love getting out in new environments in general. Think from a dog's perspective ~ how many new smells and sights there would be in Fitzroy! There are always new musicans, shops and people popping up everywhere on Brunswick St!

Saffron on the Hill

 To end our 100th Post, it wouldn't be right not to mention our favourite family on the Hill. Saffron on the Hill kicks off an online auction tonight to raise money and 100% of the funds raised will go straight towards food, care, vet treatment and rehabilitation of their rescue dogs. Poppet, along with most of her family are leading happy lives filled with love and freedom thanks to Saffron on the Hill. Their lives are a far cry from their previous ones of breeding machines in horrible living conditions. Head on over to their online auction now and support a great cause!

Alternatively, have you checked out their amazing collars, harnesses and leads?! You will find the current ribbon range on Saffron on the Hill's Facebook page too ;)

We hope our blog inspires you to continue to lead a really full and enriching life with your dog.  We look forward to blogging more of dog-friendly Melbourne! Don't forget to share with your friends in Melbourne and head on over to our Facebook page and 'Like' us to keep updated on new posts!


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  1. Wooof... great post. Congratulation on your 100th post. Your rock girls!!!


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